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National ASL Day - Communicating with my Baby

It's been a long 15 months. Our son was born when I was 27 weeks into my pregnancy. Still not walking and just a few words and sounds. We've been doing ASL since he came home. And now, 15 months later he's finally starting to communicate. I can't imagine what it would be like if everyone around you didn't understand what you were trying to say!

I've always been interested in learning ASL and actually look a few classes and have read books to see if I can learn more but I wasn't practicing as much. After the baby was born i started watching more videos and practicing with him. So we both learn together, it's amazing to see him trying to communicate. The ASL community loves to see others try to communicate and learn ASL.

If you are interested in learning more or just want to celebrate National ASL Day here are 10 things from the website... (although there hasn't been an update on that website, we will still "celebrate")

10 Ways to…