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Chapter 4

For all of my 32 years I have lived in the Rio Grande Valley.... When I was about 11 years old we came on a family vacation to see the Dallas Cowboys at their training camp in Austin, Texas; at St. Edwards University. Ever since then I wanted to live in Austin and attend that college.... well one of my dreams came true this summer!

We are now Austinions! Is that how you spell that?! I still can't believe that we are here, we're broke, but we made it! Growing up in the valley you always hear stories about people, friends, family that leave and never go back. Deep down I never thought I would be one of those people. Who would of thunk. 

We moved at the end of June, we already had a place to stay and had already registered our girls in our first choice school, which was amazing in itself and now they start school on MONDAY!

We've already had a few adventures and I haven't been vlogging but I have been taking a few pics here and there and posting them on INSTAGRAM, so click a…