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A Mother's Sleep Routine + #ZzzQuil Review

7pm :Zzzzz time! Or at least that's when I start thinking about sleep. Somedays I wake up at 6am, other days I wake up at 9am (days when Hubby takes the kids to school).

7:30pm: Dinner is usally cooked, served and being eaten, and I just sit down to eat around this time. And I just hate it when I forget my drink in the kitchen and have to get up again. And then by that time, someone wants seconds. Yeah, I have all girls, but they are NOT PICKY EATERS!

8pm: Bath/shower time, for the kids. I'm 32, really, and I'm at that age where I sometimes don't want to take a bath myself, too tired to take a bath or am thinking about the water bill, lol.

8:15pm: Get up to refill my drink and choose something to watch on TV. As it plays I get a load of laundry ready to wash and then usually come back to the T.V. and the show is already 15 minutes in so I have to rewind it, and annoy my hubby.

8:30pm: Yell at the girls to get out of the shower already and dry themselves and then put o…