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I'm at that age in my life where I think a lot.... and I normally think a lot, so my thinking has just increased dramatically, lol. After I'm don't thinking, I think to myself, do other people think this? Well.... do you? I often conclude my thought with "The world would be a better place if everyone just thought like me!"

Change gears a bit... I recently saw a documentary and although I really enjoyed it there was one part that got me pretty upset. This "Doctor," I believe she was, said that children in low income families have a vocabulary that is thousands of worse less than children who grow up in a family that is well-off.

And I guess I'm not mad at the "Doctor," but mad at the parents, or society or God, because does the Bible not say not to let others see that you are "poor" or "hungry?" Yet, we often see those children and families and we automatically know and sometimes assume that they are low-income. Yes, th…