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Fun in the Sun Series - Jumpin Frogz

I heard about this awesome cool place called Jumpin Frogz earlier this year. It opened up in March but we have yet to take the girls! I was talking to another mom about other outdoor activities to do in the RGV and we have been doing so much that I always get other friends asking me to share with them all these events. So I created this "Fun in the Sun" series! Yeah, summer is almost over, but come on ya'll, we are in Texas, some years it's still hot on Christmas Day! I will continue to add to this series when I hear about something I want to share with ya'll. These are not sponsored posts, thoughts are my own, but if you'd like to feature your business feel free to email me (dontsayhurry at yahoo dot com).

Like I said, first one is Jumpin Frogz. Located in Harlingen, Texas and owned my Mr. and Mrs. Galvan. Head on over to their Facebook Page for more pics and information. It looks so cool doesn't it!

Hours: Monday &Tuesday Closed Wednesday thru Frida…

Meals with Memories *Fall Favorite*

"Do you know when the first day of fall is?" - Eliada And that repeats with every season, "When is it Summer?" I love that my girls ask these questions, especially Eliada, because she's still a sponge right now. Well.... do you?

The first day of fall is September 23rd! Now you know, just in case your kids haven't asked you that question yet. It's kind of hard for us to tell because we're in Texas and the leaves don't change colors. Do they change where you are?

We were talking fall, schedules and food over at the Youtube Mommy Meetup Group and Alaska Mama Vlogger created a collab! Favorite Fall Recipe Collab! I had mentioned these amazing Mexican dishes, but then thought about it and decided they were very hard to make from scratch and they are usually winter dishes, sooooo..... maybe if ya'll go over to my video and comment telling me you want to see those winter recipes, I may do them, lol. I joined the Youtube Mommy Meetup Moms in a coll…