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Go out and play! #Challenge

Morning mamas! I have a question for ya. When was the last time you went outside to play with your kiddos? I don't think I liked that answer!
I make it a point to take my girls to the park at least once a week, but usually it's a few times a week. And I don't just sit on the sidelines like all the other moms, I get up and join them in the fun! And I break out a sweat. We all need to stay active, why not do it while we have fun too. Today, since it's been super hot here in Texas, we went out and played with the water hose, our grass got wattered too and we took the neighbors dog a bath (because we got a free dog shampoo sample). The girls had so much fun. I was also able to get some laundry done and it was dry by the time we got done (and bathed, inside).

Here's a picture from Saturday evening... daddy was with us, so he was able to watch the girls play a bit while I walk/jogged two miles! Yeah, mom!

And on Friday, the girls were invited to join in the end of the s…

Look ma! I'm blogging!

Shout out to Angie! A fellow couponer and youtube subbie who I met today at Wal-mart, which is weird cus I rarley shop at Wally-mart anymore. If you aren't subbed please do so HERE. But anyways, guess what?!

Big milestones coming up... Annaleah is turning two and Yvette is turning 10! Cowabunga dude! I seriously remember driving to the hospital totally freaking out that cloudy day (Thursday) on July 29th, yeah, I remember, and now she's turning 10. Not planning anything big, but just a small get together with family who is coming to visit and will probably take Yvette and her bestfriend to the movies or something. She wants a "Frozen" birthday party theme and I practiced on her hair today, what do you think?? ---->

Like I said today we went to Wal-mart with my mom to buy some party necessities and an outfit for Yvette, she wanted an Elsa shirt, of course, but instead we just bought a blue shirt and I have some iron-ons that we can use to print out a "Birthday …