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Day 10: I'm NOT a Ballerina!

 Day 10, Saturday:Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.
I'm sure my mom embarrassed myself many times but I can't think of any juicy ones. But I do remember this one that stands out in my head right now. I was in the 4th grade... it was Halloween! And every since I was a baby my mom made our costumes. They were always great costumes, which is what a little kid would think! I had no idea what I wanted to be that year. I was starting to get older and cared what other people thought of me. I had three best friends, all named Stephanie, it was pretty great. This was a time before cell phones and texting, so I couldn't call and ask what they were going to be for Halloween.
My mom and I decided I would be a ballerina! I thought that was a great idea! My mom made a great little tutu for me and bought a bright pink leotard a ribbon for my hair and covered my shoes in pink satin-type material.
Well, I was apparently wearing a very revealing outfit and I was too young to realize. But ev…

#Mamavation, Progress

Week one is over! I am so proud of myself to have completed every workout, every day! On day three I had to cut it up. I started working out and then I saw the time and it was time to go pick up the girls, so I finished when I came back.

But I wasn't sore like some of the other #Mamavation mamas, so I'm hoping that week two will kick it up a knotch and I feel a little more burn. I was also doing some ab exercises, which I think I will continue to do this week. I also want to go to the track at least twice this coming week; I'm thinking Tue and Thurs. Here are some pics from this week. And like they say, weight loss is 80% nutrition, I think I've been doing great this week. I haven't weight myself, so I'm excited to see if I lost any weight this week! I'll probably post a pic tomorrow on Instagram. See ya'll for an update next week. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

I did my foot fires outside!!
This is the mat that I use... my grandma gave me!! I lo…

Day 9: Making Memories + Sweepstakes

Day 9, Friday: A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words)

We went over to the outlet mall today! Had a great time, did some shopping, had lunch! Follow me on Instagram to see more pics and what we bought! I just entered this pic in a Sweepstakes on Facebook for 4Moms! Would love if ya'll would click and "VOTE" for me!

Plum Organics, #Clearance + Coupon

Today I stopped by H-E-B after picking up the girls from school and even though Annaleah doesn't eat these very often, but if I gave them to her she would def eat them, I couldn't pass them up at this price! I love when H-E-B has a yellow coupon + a clearance/sale! I grabbed about five of these for only $.10 each! SCORE! Check your store for some varieties to be on clearance. The H-E-B coupon expires on May 13th.

My girls love Plum Organics. I've even put some of the baby food (stage 1) in our oatmeal before, just to add an extra serving of fruit, teehee!

I recently also heard of their GO BARs! And luckily there's a coupon to save $1.00 off any one Plum Organics GO BAR box!

GO BARS are the perfect blend of nutrition and yum, designed to inspire kids’ taste buds and help sustain their energy so they can get on to the next adventure. Made with 12g whole grains, 7 essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and even veggies – these healthy kids snacks pack a big punch! An…

Thursday Night Special - Celiac Month

Got an email today, or yesterday and I thought I'd share it with ya'll. With #Mamavation's #2WeekChallenge going on right now I've been struggling with late night snacks! So hubby, always has great ideas, said I should start blogging about food, which I've wanted and attempted to do and he was like, just do it! lol So on Thursday Nights I'll blog about food, restaurant reviews, Non-GMO products, recipes, photos and more!

Lets begin by sharing with ya'll the email I got from Van's. Van's actually started as a restaurant and they served gluten-free waffles, how awesome. I don't know anyone, nor do I have Celiac Disease but I have some friends who are, so thought I would share these great recipes. Just keep in mind that going "Gluten-Free" isn't a diet, it's a life-style for many people. :)
What is Celiac Disease? Celiac disease is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients…

Day 8: Mom of Multiples

Day 8, Thursday:A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

As a mom of three girls it can be hectic for sometime almost every day and I often get stressed. It's crazy when I stop and think to myself "What am I doing?" or "What was I going to do?" I'm letting the stress and tasks get away from me. I just did a vlog where I start by saying I have too much on my plate! 
So my advice to moms of multiples is... to take it all in and ONE THING AT A TIME!
A good way to do this is to have your family join in the everyday tasks. I know it can be hard sometimes but it helps so much. My girls have always had daily chores and it's never to early to start. Yvette the oldest has now started folding the clothes and Eliada is helping put away the clothes. Even Annaleah, now 21 months, helps put the recycling in the right bags (sometimes just on the floor). These little tasks help me out so much. I'm starting to use my calendar more and take advantage of m…

M.O.M. - Unprepared

I'm joining up with my Bloggin' Buddy Friends in a linky this week.... why? Cus Mother's Day is this weekend! Ahhh, that kind of crept up on me. This week is also Teacher Appreciation Week to.

This memory is a memory that changed my life. It was a Thursday, beautiful day in 2004. I had only graduated high school a few years before and I had no idea what life was about yet. We were actually living with my parents and both my husband and I drove to my scheduled Dr. appointment in Harlingen, which was about 20 minutes away. I don't remember what we were talking about on the drive, but I know it wasn't about what we thought about being parents and that eventually we would be raising a baby together.

We signed in as usual. There had been no complications during the pregnancy and the doctors had been really nice. I do remember that the visit before my blood pressure was elevated but they didn't seem concerned at that time. So I went into that tiny room to offer m…

Day 7: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Day 7, Wednesday:The thing(s) you're most afraid of....
 This is a pretty powerful prompt... It can go many ways, but lets try a lighter note....
I'm afraid to break a bone! I have never broken a bone in my body. I hate the sound of popping of knuckles and such. yuck!I'm afraid of seeing something crawl out of the (any) drain! I probably wouldn't take a bath for a while!I'm afraid of finding a dead chick embryo in a egg when I crack it open. Even though i know it's pretty impossible! ahahhaWhen I was about eight years old I was terribly afraid of crossing the street; or rather, afraid of getting his by a car while crossing the street. The church that we go to is right across the street from my grandmothers house and when we would have our religious education classed our parents would tell my sister and I to just cross the street when we were done. I never told anyone I was afraid, I was the bigger sister!I'm afraid of talking to other moms who don't think…

Wordless Wednesday - Treaty

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Green Tip Tuesday: Thank You Mom and Teachers!

Happy Tuesday! It's a busy weekend if you have kids in school it's Teacher Appreciate Week and Mother's Day is this weekend as well. I just wanted to share my Pinterst Board with ya'll to help get some ideas. I also asked some friends on Facebook what ideas they had and almost everyone said food or gift cards. Only one person said something home-made! Check it out here on my Pinterest Craft Board. Last year I made mitten bundles with some cooking supplies and a few goodies! I'll post a pic on my of what ewe gift this year!

Day 6: Any Questions?

Day 6, Tuesday:If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

What do I do? What do I do? The question would be easily answered if you asked what don't I do! lol This is going to be a short vlog cus it's 2pm and there's laundry to be done. I'm trying to get a schedule going, but it has yet to be successful and it's going to take some time. SO, what do I do? Well, I do contract work, writing, reading, parent of 3 girls, wife, cook, clean, blog/vlog and help run facebook pages, non-profits. And that's not all. Any questions?

This month is a busy month so, hope to still keep the house clean during this month, lol.


I'm joining up with my Bloggin' Buddy Friends in a linky this week.... why? Cus Mother's Day is this weekend! Ahhh, that kind of crept up on me. This week is also Teacher Appreciation Week to.

But let's forget about stressin' out. Memories of Mother's Day. I have actually celebrated 9 wonderful years as a Mother and  they have all been special but for this week long linky I am going to share some of my favorites as well as some from before being a mother, way before, from when I was the gifter.

For today, my post is going to be a bit somber. It's the first Mother's Day with out my father. It was so special because my husband made it special. I don't know why but I missed my dad everyday, but especially on that day. Without him my mom could have not conceived me! I guess I also ached because it would be the first year that my mom would not get a gift from my dad. He gave her something special every year.

We all went out to eat to one of my parents f…

Menu Plan Monday - Just Around the Corner

Going to take is easy this week, only plans I have are to go to the farmers market on Thursday and a meeting for the +March Against Monsanto in the #RGV. But I got some good deals this week on bread so meals will be eaten with bread, lol. And I'm starting a #2weekchallenge with #Mamavation so that salad I bought last week is going to come in hand. I have about three left! Hope ya'll have a great week!

Monday: Hubby surprised us and got home early and took us to Kato Sushi!

Tuesday: Chicken Spaghetti

Wednesday: Leftovers or Ham and Cheese Grilled Sandwiches with Roasted Broccoli

Thursday: Homemade Cheesy Macaroni 

Friday: Chicken Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

(Back up meal: Chicken Piccata/w pasta and steamed veggies)

Check out for more ideas! Click here for her Menu Plan Monday post (new post pending)

#Mamavation #2WeekChallenge!

Today is day 2 of the Mamavation #2WeekChallenge and so far so good. I wanted to do this post to write in some numbers and join in the fun giveaways. Who doesn't like to win and who doesn't like a good challenge? Feel free to join in as well
What is Mamavation?
Mamavation™ is a online docudrama and weight loss support group for moms in social media. It’s both a campaign and Virtual Sorority™ in one. I'm pretty sure I won't be posting every day, but follow me on Instagram or Twitter for daily updates and how I'm feeling after the workout and what I'm eating and help me through some challenging times :)

I'm so mad that I missed the Hangout yesterday. I had made plans to be sure to be home in time, but then hubby wanted to go out to eat (sushi) but then the van was low in gas and while he did that I ran into HEB to get some imgredients for MPM and by the time we got home I totally forgot and started sweeping and getting the girls in the shower. When I rememb…


Day 5,  Monday: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don't have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!! And ohhhh no! A blog love affair? Ohh, in the beginning there was so many! I was a new mom and not knowing what I was doing on the internet, trying to save money and then we got pregnant with baby number two and things just kicked up a knotch and I was obsessed with..... Calley from +The Eco Chic! Yes. It's out. Thanks to this blog everyday in May #challenge. I was so obsessed that i won so many of her giveaways. Even after I took a break from a while, I subb'd to her blogs and read almost every single one. It was because of her I started cloth diapering and it was because of her that I became one of those crazy hippie moms. Yes, I admit and call myself crazy because I was for a while. But I'm over it. I know I will never m…

Sunday in my City, 5/4

Started out passing out the seeds for Permaculture Day and then relaxed in the fresh air a bit and look at the canvas I bought for our "new house." haha McAllen, Texas I showed you mine, now show me yours. Share your city/town/suburb/you name it! Think of this as a photography carnival or photography meme (with or without words) that not only lets you share your part of the world, but lets you visit other parts of the world virtually. If you link up, please link back or post the Sundays In My City button either in your post or sidebar to let people know that other bloggers are sharing their communities too. Happy trails!

Let’s travel the world together! 

Day 4: Permaculture Day

Day 4, Saturday: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it

Today is Permaculture Day! So I thought I'd post a relevant quote that I have started hearing people talk about more and more. It's amazing. Just like the growth of AP parenting, cloth diapers and the like the topic of GMO's and buying Organic has grown tremendously! 

Please spread the word and locate a place where you can buy local like a Farmers Market or maybe there will be an event for Permaculture Day, or heck, make your own. Start a family garden, plant some flowers or go small and just start with herbs. I do not have a green thumb, and I would love to show ya'll a pic of my garden. Slowly but surley I will start to grow our own food. Here in the RGV I am in a few groups and starting to get local chefs' and farmers together to start community gardens and participate in similar tasks that can help raise awareness and celebrate this movement that's at a tipping point! And ma…