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#FlatsChallenge, Day 3 - Day in the Life

Day 3 means we are almost halfway through our 7 day challenge to use flats and handwash for 7 days. This week there are over 60 bloggers participating who have been linking their posts and today instead of there being a prompt for writing they are picking their own topic.


Yeah! We've survived through day two and have combated day three! Today is Open Topic Day, so I decided to talk/write about our day today in the flats and handwashing challenge and being a stay-at-home mom/blogger! I did a vlog earlier today, actually two, and let me tell ya, it was a busy day.

7:30 AM - Woken up by my 8 year old, Yvette. She is my alarm clock. I kinda love it. I've never really had an alarm cloth that I used daily. But she has woken me up every day since she started school four years ago! Anywho... then my 4 year old climbs into bed with us and she goes back to sleep until I come back from dropping off my daughter.

8:00 AM - I'm back home and I grab the flat diapers from the day/night before and put them in a cold soak for a while as I do other chores around the house. It's also Wednesday, and it's the day I head over to HEB to scope out the deals for the week and grab anything I may need for the rest of the week and weekend.

8:25 AM - I finish up a load of laundry, take down the (flat) diapers that I had hung over night, finish washing and hang the newly washed up outside on our clothes line and get some breakfast made and wake up and get Eliada, my 4 year old dressed to go with me to HEB.

8:30 - 11:30 AM - Yes, unfortunately, it took that long at HEB! Of course, there was like three potty breaks and I also went to go pay the water bill and I took Eliada over to the park, across the street, to play for a bit.

12:00 PM - Annaleah still wasn't awake (she stays up late with daddy), so I took laundry down and hung some more up and started making lunch. T-Bone Steak with ranchero beans! YUM! As they finished cooking, I layed out all of the flat diapers and folded them. I did a kite-fold, origami, anteater, and diaper bag fold. Two of the covers were not dry yet, so I went to hang 'em up back outside. It was actually cloudy today.

12:15 PM - Then Annaleah woke up, so I had to stop eating lunch and go change her diaper and I put a super cute dress on with her kite-folded flat and her Rozey Cheeks Diaper (used as a cover) and then put her down in her Rocker Napper with her bottle. I'm so greatful that she's calm in the morning, I was able to finish eating my lunch.

12:30-1:30 ish - I typed up the match-ups for HEB and then finished doing another load of laundry and folded n put away a few of the clothes. Hubby was already awake and helped me get the girls dressed and read some books. I got some facebook time and did a bit more blogging n social networking...

3:00 PM - Time to get ready to pick up Yvette, she gets out at 3:30. I changed Annaleah into flat #2, db fold n cover, got her diaper bag ready. Put a econobum in with two, prefolded flats, bib, bottle bag, toy, change of clothes, grabbed the keys n my purse as well as two reusable bags n we were off! Oh, and also had hubby load the three reusable bags with items/non-perishable food to droop off at the Am. Legion!

4:00 - Yvette is picked up, donations are dropped off. Hubby had to pick up some legal forms for school, so he got those, and we were on the road towards McAllen to drop off those legal papers. Annaleah, got hungry again, so we gave her some cereal snack n her bottle, which she only ended up making a mess n just drinking about an ounce before she passed out!

5:30 - Wooweee! Hubby did most of the walking, but we stayed in the van most of the time. We got off once so the girls can go potty and they started asked all these questions about college and school and stuff. haha. Annaleah got a few squeezes on her cheeks from strange ladies and I checked her diaper, but it was dry, so back to the van we went.

6:00 - Girls were starving by this time so we drove just down the street to Taco Bell! I wanted to go to Quiznos cus there is a Plink Offer for double points, but only till the 26th! But it's too far north for us to drive just for a sub sandwich. While eating we heard some "noises," so went to go change her diaper at that time, haha.

6:45 - Went off to Sprouts and gabbed product for the week/weekend as well as some new detergent I may try on the flats tomorrow. Hubby, of course, stocked up on his favorite lemonade, Hubert's! You can check out my haul video HERE. If we lived closer we'd probably go everyday! It has the oddest, best-est smell. I also saw a friends mom there. It's so nice to see someone you'd wish to see more of.

7:30 -  Nice drive home, Annaleah falling asleep again and we were talking to the girls about what they wanted to do for the summer. Yvette signed up for Science camp and she is so excited. But who knows what Eliada will be interested in doing. She'll still have her speech thearapy during the summer, so her options may be limited. My grandma also just asked us to see about planning a trip to Indiana to visit her family this summer! Ohhwee!

8:00 PM -  We were home by 8 and the girls went to take a bath and get ready for bed. I changed Annaleah  and then started a cold rinse for the flats from the day, put another load in the washer and put the dishes away. Me and Annaleah played on the bed until the girls got out of the shower and I kissed the girls good night and they were out within 5 minutes.

9:30 PM -  Hubby got up and washed some dishes for me, but little did I know he was just doing it so that he could make some SPAM! Ohh, Spam reminds me of the good 'ol days when we were in highschool, living on next to nothing and it was cheaper than $2. He also found a good movie to watch. Annaleah took another nap, she usually only takes two naps, but I'm not complaining.

It's not 12 MIDNIGHT... and I just rinsed out the diapers and stretched them out over the shower rod and hung up the rest of the flats and now it's time for BED!


It's been a long day! I hope ya'll did great on the challenge today! You don't need to stay cooped up at home to do this challenge. Tomorrow we plan on going to the park and the farmer's market!


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