Wednesday, March 6

HEB Unadvertised Deals - 3/6

By popular demand I will be posting a 2nd HEB "match-up" post on Wednesday after doing my walk-through and post the Unadvertised Deals HERE! CLICK HERE to see the "Advertisded Deals" as they are updated with prices and coupons n such on Wednesday as well! *Updates in RED*
I will have the NEW HEB yellow coupons that I found first, followed by the Old Unadvertisded deals that are still valid. Then I will post the clearance found at my store (Feel free to like my Faceboook Page and post any deals/clearance that you find at your local store!). At the very bottom you will see pics or a list of what tearpads/peelies/blinkies that I found at my store!
If there are coupons available for that item I will subtract it and put the price you will pay and/or the price per item, including the FREE product. For example, buy chips at $2 get cookies Free, if there is a $.50 coupon available I will subtract the coupon and then divide by two, which equals $1.50, $.75ea!
Like always deals/prices vary by location. I am in the deep south Texas area (RGV)and prices are off by pennies even in the RGV region, so please check your local store if you are out of the RGV.
Coupon Lingo:
"***" = Stock up price
"Red words" = Updated with price
"Exp" = Expiration Date
"wyb" = When you buy (purchase)
"B1G1F" = Buy 1 get one Free
"HCF" = Hill Country Fare Brands

~~~~~ Unadvertised Deals~~~~~
The following coupons are HEB "Yellow"

Check my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for when I show the coupons I find!
New Deals

B1G1F Orbit Gum (1ct, excludes double pack) @ $1.06 = $.53ea, Exp 3/19

Buy two Tic Tac (1pk) @ $1.09 get 3rd Free, Exp 3/26

Buy two Tony's Originals Crust Pizzas (13.5 - 16.5) get 3rd FREE! Exp 3/19

$1 off HEB Mini Quesadilla, Street Tacos or Tamales (9-11oz) = $2.18, Exp 3/19
*If you try these, lmk if they are good*

***Buy HEB Fully Cooked Meatballs (14oz, homestyle or italian) @ $2.97 get HEB Ricotta Cheese (15oz) FREE! Exp 3/12

***Buy Two Pillsbury Toaster Strudles (11.5oz) @ $1.98 get Good Humor Candy Novelty Ice Cream (6ct, Reese's York or Mounds) FREE!, Exp 3/19
- $1/2 Peelie (found at Wal-Mart) = $2.96 ($.74ea)
- $1/3 (or $1/75), SS 1/6/13 R = $4.94 ($.82ea)

***Buy Mothers Cookies (11.5-16oz)@ $2.50  get Cheez-It Crackers (9.75-13.7oz) FREE!, Exp 3/19
- $1/2 Peelie (found on cookies @ HEB) = $4, $1ea

Buy Opa's Smoked Sausage Links (family pack) get Guerrero Fresqui-rica Flour Tortillas (16ct) FREE!, Exp 3/19
*Not sold at my store, price?*

$1 off two Blue Diamond Almond Breeze (32oz) @ 2/$4 = $1.50, Exp 4/2

***$.75 off Ghiradelli Brownie Mix (17-20oz) @ $2.18 = $1.43, Exp 3/19

Buy McCormick Food Coloring (1oz, single color) @ $2.68, get HCF Coconut (7oz) FREE! Exp 4/2

Buy McCormick Vanilla Extract (1oz) @ $2.72, get HCF Marshmallows (Reg or mini, 10-10.5oz) FREE! Exp 4/2

***Buy Two Tony Chachere Fish Fry  (Seasoned/Crispty Creol) or Hush Puppy Mix (9.5oz) @ $.99 get 3rd FREE! Exp 3/19

Buy Two Kellogg's Kids Cereals @ $3.19 - $3.88) get HEB Milk (64oz) FREE! Exp 3/19
- $1/3, RP 3/3/13 R = $8.57 ($1.42ea)

$2 off three Quaker Life Cereal (18oz), Exp 3/12

$1.25 off two Ocean Spray Juice Blends (64oz) @ $2.48 = $3.71 ($1.85ea), Exp 3/12

$1 off Camaronazo Tomato Shrimp Juice Cocktail (32oz) @ $2.29 = $1.29, Exp 4/2

*** $.35 off HEB No Salt Black Beans (15oz) @ $.58 = $.23

B1G1F Margaret Holms Simple Suppers (27oz) @ $1.98 = $.99ea

Buy two Progresso Soups (18.5-19oz) @ $1.88 (price increase), get Green Giant Boxed Vegetables (7-10oz, fzn) FREE! Exp 3/19

***Buy Two McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix (1-1.5oz) @ $.54, get One McCormick GrillMate Marinade FREE! = $1.08/3 ($.36ea), Exp 4/2

$1 off HEB Pasta (80oz) @ $5.21 = $4.21

***$1 off two Rothbury Croutons (6oz) @ $1 = $1/ ($.50ea), Exp 4/2

Buy Ricos Squeeze Cheese (16oz) @ $3.48, get HEB Angus Beef or Meat Frank(16oz) FREE! Exp 3/12

$1 off Loeb's Onion Crunch (6oz) @ $2.99 = $1.99, Exp 3/15

***$1 off Best Maid or Del Dixi Dilly Bites (60oz) @ $3.97 = $2.97, Exp 4/9

$1.50/2 Jell-O Refrigerated Desserts (4pk) @ $1.98 = $2.46 ($1.23ea), Ex 3/19

$.55 off Kikkoman Preservative Free Sauces @ $1.78-2.08 = $1.23/$1.53, Exp 4/2

$.50 off HEB MooTopia Milk (32oz) @ $1.98 = $1.48, Exp 3/19

$.50 off HEB Bake Shop Ready to Bake Breads (7-10.58oz) @ $1.98 = $1.48, Exp 3/12

$1 off Softlips Lip Balms (2pk, Strawberry or Vanilla) = $1.96, Exp 3/19

***more to come***

Old Deals
***Keebler Sandwich Crackers (Peanut Butter and Jelly), 8ct on Sale $1.68 - $1/2 peelie, Exp 3/31 = $2.36 ($1.18ea)

$1.50 off Combo's Variety Pack Snack Size (11.6oz) @ $3.68 - $1.50 = $2.18, Exp 3/19

$1 off True Lemon or True Lime Packets (32ct), Exp 4/2

$.50 off Kraft Tartar Sauce (12oz), Exp 4/2

$.60 off Zatarain's Big Easy Ready To Eat Rice Mixes (8.8oz), Exp 3/26

$1 off Oscar Mayer Deli-Fresh Lunchmeat or Franks (16oz), Exp 3/12

$1.25 off two Ocean Spray Juice Blends (64oz) @ $2.48 - $1.25 = $1.85ea, Exp 3/12

$1 off Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip (30oz) @ $2.98 - $1 = $1.98, Exp 4/2

Buy two Starkist Lunch to Go Chunk Light Tuna (4.1oz) @ $1.47 get 3rd FREE ($.98ea), Exp 3/26

***Buy Spam (12oz) @ $2.48 get Hormel Sandwich Makers (7.5oz) FREE, Exp 3/26
- $1/2, SS 02/10/13 R = $.99ea

$1 off two Ocean Spray Craisins (5oz) @ $1.88 - $1/2 = $1.38ea, Exp 3/12

$2/3 Dole Blends or Sensations (64oz) @ $1.95 = $1.28ea, Exp 3/19

$.50 off HEB Sauced Vegetables (10-12oz) @ $1.48 - $.50 = $.98, Exp 3/19

$1 off Gain Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets or Fireworks Scent Booster @ $4.47 - $1 = $3.47, Exp 3/12
*Apple Mango Softener is $2.23 - $1 = $1.23* (I think it was 40ld)

$2 off any Swiffer Sweeper, Exp 3/12
Wetjet @ $19.97
Sweeper Vac @ $19.47
*Select Swiffer refills on clearance starting at $2.23
- $1/1, P&G 01/27/13 = $1.23

$7 off Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Party Pack (8pc) @ $12.97 - 7 = $5.97!!! Exp 3/26

$1.00 off HEB Extra Virgin Olive Oil (34oz) @ $8.73 = $7.73, Exp 3/12

Buy three HEB It's Juice 100% Apple Juice @ $1.88, get 4th FREE = $1.41ea, Exp 4/16

$1.00 off HEB Honey Toasted Oats (12.25oz) or HEB Toasted Oats (14oz) @ $2 = $1, Exp 3/19

***$.60 off Golden Star Jasmin Rice (2lb, white or 28oz Brown) @ $2.39 = $1.79, Exp 3/19

$.50 off HEB Bake Shop Ready to Bake Breas (7-10.58oz) @ $1.98 = $1.48, Exp 3/12

***Buy Betty Crocker Tuna Helper (5.3-7.3oz) @ $1.35 get
FREE HCF Chunk Light Tuna in Water (5oz), Exp 3/12
- $1/3, SS 2/3/13 = $3.05 ($.50 ea!)

***$.50 off HEB Tuna Patty (2.65-2.82oz, Chunk light or black pepper) @ $1.35 = $.85, Exp 3/5
$2.00 off two D'olivo Olives (2.5-2.75oz) @ $2.49 = $1.49ea, Exp 3/12

***Buy two Sunbird Seasoning Packets get 3rd FREE, Exp 3/19
*From $.78 to $2.59
- (2) $.80/1 Printable = 3 FREE + $.04 Overage

***$1.00 off Four Idahoan Pouches, Casseroles or Cups (1.5-4.1oz), Exp 3/19
2oz Pouches @ $.48 = $.92 ($.23ea)
4.1oz Pouches @ $.87 = $2.28 ($.57ea)

Coupon Finds:
$1/2 Peelies on Kellogg's Special K Cereal Bars, Granola Bars or Pastry Crisps, Exp 6/26/13

Save $1.00 on Produce wyb two Kellogg's FiberPlus Bars (5ct+), Exp 12/28/13

$1/2 Peelies on Quaker items, Exp 3/31 (end cap display)

$1/1 Velveeta Cheesy Skillets or Casseroles Dinner Kit, Exp 4/30

$1/2 Peelies on any two Kellogg's Fruit Flavored Snacks (10ct+, Exp 4/30/13

$10 in coupons inside Thermos (disney kids) @ $14.98sdf

Kern's Horchata $2.46 - $1 peelies

Buy 2 Get one FREE 2lt bottle of 7Up Ten or similar, Exp 6/30

$.55 off Real California Milk/Cheese on Cans of Olives


Off to pick up my oldest daughter! I still had some coupon match-ups to do, so I'll try to add them tonight. Below are some pics I snapped while at HEB today!

Leave me a comment if you like the Unadvertised Deals in it's own post, rather than with the match-up post! Hope ya'll have a great Wednesday!


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