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Fabulous Mami Friday - Lips

Yeah! Welcome to my new weekly series! I am so excited because this is actually a "secret" resolution for the year, not just for me, but for my husband. I, myself, DO NOT feel like the most beautiful woman/wife/mother. But it's hard to believe when you don't believe it yourself.

So in this "series" each week I will focus on one part of the body/feature and share what I think about it, how I can make myself feel better about it, do something about it by posting how-to's or tutorials, my favorite fashion pin from Pinterest that week. Follow "My Style" on Pinterest if you're a big girl.

I hope ya'll enjoy it and share your insecurities or what you love about your body as well. If you're interested, check out this artile I read on

Love this photo!

Week 4: Lips

 Do you love your lips? Well, I do too! I'm back with Fabulous Mami Friday and hope to stay... Honestly, these past few weeks I've been in pj's 75% of the time. It's horrible I know. But I'm going to go HEB to do some shopping and I'm gonna get myself all giddy, lol. My grandpa says... "Helping God." I'll post my LIPS on my Facebook page before I leave.
I've never really known what lips stick would go with my lips, but after some research, I think I know.... I found this 4 step process on applying perfectly RED LIPS! So check it out...


1) Exfoliate. As with any cosmetics, you need a smooth canvas before you apply any paint. Scrub lips gently with an old toothbrush or some oil-and-sugar mix, then wait until the tingling feeling has subsided to move on to the next step.
2) Prime and line. Slick on some waxy balm or a lip primer - MAC makes an amazing one, but my Mary Kay cheapie also works pretty well. Wait for the primer to dry. Line the outside of the lips with either a nude or invisible liner - this is your safety net for ultra-long wear. Then follow your natural lip-line with a liner that matches your lipstick. This doesn't have to be perfectly precise, for reasons that will become apparent. Gently fill in the lips with liner. Just kind of roll the side of the pencil against your lips and you'll be fine.
3) Fill in the colour. Now, take a lip-brush (again, a cheap one works fine) and start applying layers of colour. If you're a rosy-tint kind of gal, skip the lip-lining step and just mix a bit of lipstick pigment with some lip-balm on your brush. This will give you a sheer, diluted layer of whatever lipstick you choose. For a bright, matte look, just keep applying lipstick, blotting between each layer, until the lips are pigmented enough. Blot again.
4) Line again. Now, this step is really for those of us who are clumsy in our initial applications or super-paranoid about long wear. Remember how you didn't have to care about getting a perfect outline in the first go? That's because you're going to take your liner, sharpen it, and outline your lips again, with your elbow propped up and your face very close to the mirror. Re-lining lets you fill in any gaps and really lets you get a sharp, precise lip shape.


Now, I rarley, like less than once a year, wear a BOLD lip color. But I have always wanted to wear like a blue or green. I don't know why, I just do. But what the heck would I wear with it? lol that's a whole different post. Anywho, so if you watch YouTube then you more than likey know Kandee. Check out her video of her putting one Glitterati Lip Tatto!



Neutral lips is more my style... if I don't have lip stick, I probably have lip balm.

Your Thoughts:

 What is your favorite way to WEAR your lips? Are you a Bold or a Neutral gal?


  1. Teresa @ Playtime and PartyMarch 8, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    I did NOT know you had to exfoliate your lips! The other steps I did know - and mostly do - because I was crazy about makeup artist Way Bandy in the 80s who did the Dynasty & Dallas actresses and have his book.

    I love the shiny-shiny lips but wouldn't be able to pull them off I'm afraid. My daughter certainly could!

  2. That seems like a whole lot of work for lipstick. I wash my lips when I wash my face. And I use a lip stain, which last a very long time. These days I go for quick and easy.

    Thanks for stopping by Life in Left Field.


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