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*Review* Xlear Sparx, Candy?

Good Morning! Hope ya'll have been having a great week. Do you have your baking list done? I don't have it down yet. I love to bake a few goodies to display on a platter for both my grandparents for Christmas morning/bunch. But over the years most of my family members have become diabetic and I'm sure I'm not far behind. So, it's hard to find baked goods that everyone can enjoy without breaking my budget. I also have some family members who are picky about the "Artificial Sweeteners" because they leave an after taste.

But I now I know what kind of goodies I will for sure ad to some stocking stuffers this year.... SparX!

I was given the opportunity by Moms Meet to review these awesome products as well as some toothpast, also made with the same sweetener as the candy. You can find more information about Moms Meet at

What is SparX?
It's Candy! A growing line of healthy, xylitol based candy.  It's sweetened naturally with Xylit…

Time to Win It Thursday #1

Welcome to Time To Win It Thursday! 
Here you can link up ALL your family friendly giveaways and enter some other really great giveaways too!
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GO TO "The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom"to see ALL of her giveaways as well as all the other FAMILY FRIENDLY giveaways others have linked up!

Please list giveaway as so: Name of Giveaway, Shipping Restrictions, End Date =================== I have also been sharing some GIVEAWAYS on my Facebook Page today as well and will be doing so all day today! And don't forget to leave some feed back by liking the post or leaving a comment that you entered! If there is a good turn out I may continue this every THURSDAY! With the holidays HERE, there are lots of giveaways for ya'll to win and I'd like to share them with ya'll. 
I currently have a…

Wordless Wednesday - Experiments

Egg Experiment!

Yvette, my 8 year old, did her Science Project on BONES and she wanted to go beyond just a model and add an experiment. She searched Google (with parental supervision) and found that an Egg is made up of the same things as bones. And she left the egg in vinegar (which we have plenty of) and it became soft and rubbery as well as translucent. After 24 hours later the egg was hard again.

Linking up with Beth @ Happily Domestic

Green Tip Tuesday's are BACK *Holiday Edition*

I am definitely in the Christmas spirit since after Thanksgiving! I wanted to take the Christmas tree down from the Attic but hubby said I had to clean the living room first :( Which is true, I had been doing laundry all week and the girls were eating dinner and watch Netflix (even the 3 year old can navigate it), so sweeping was never ending. BUT NOW.... it is clean, just a few socks to pair up.

Anywho... so I had questions about why I hadn't been sharing any green tips, and I did share two while doing a TAG on my YouTube Channel, but I'm going to be sharing some "Oldies But Goodies" posts from previous years as well as sharing a new one each week! So TWO for the price of ONE.

Calling all Green readers!!! I would also love to showcase how you make your Christmas GREEN. It can be a green craft, home decorations, outdoor decorations or even a recipe! Ohhh, i'm so getting into the holiday spirit already and can't wait to read all of the Green Christmas Tip!


Menu Plan Monday - It's December

IT'S DECEMBER! Where did the time go, the year is almost over and a new year is about to begin! Even though it is still 90 degree weather when we start to hear Christmas music, it helps us get into the Christmas mood. TREE? Nope... tried cleaning to put it up this weekend.... but we got half way done 

We put the tree right in front of the window. Hubby says it's a good spot cus it's the biggest window that can be "broken into" and if they are dumb enough to do it during the holiday season they will run right into the tree and we will for sure hear the "Clatter." Can you see my dying Poinsettia :(

Here is the menu for the week....

Monday: Italian Chicken and Spinach Pasta
Tuesday: Taco Salad
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Oven Baked Chicken nuggets and Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
Friday: Homemade Pizza (meaty)
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