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Showing posts from November 25, 2012

*LATE* Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Roast Beef with veggies and steamed rice

Tuesday: Beef Tacos with Spanish rice and beans

Wednesday: Beef Stroganoff with steamed broccoli

Thursday: Beef stir-fry with white rice and egg rolls

Friday: Leftovers/Eat out!

Visit for more menu ideas

Giving Thanks + Thanks#AflacKids Twitter Party

AFTERNOON! Hope ya'll had a great holiday week(end)! We had a great time at my grandmother's house. The girls got to play with their cousins and my aunts and uncles enjoyed our new baby. The past few times when someone has a baby a round of "Baby Fever" goes around, but not this time, lol. I don't think there will be another family "baby boom" until my cousins start having babies, lol. And they are in their teens to late teens, so it won't be for a while (or so I hope!).

Anywho, I just wanted to say HI and that I'm back to blogging. I took a break, and on youtube as well. I also wanted to share this upcoming TWITTER PARTY! Read the dets below.........

I also just uploaded a "short" video (NOT SHORT) on my Youtube Channel with just some random stuff and what I got on Black Friday, I already put everything away, so I wasn't able to show ya'll what I got, but it was a good amount! Spent less than $50 and I only need one more gift…