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Hot Topic Friday *Coupons & Reselling*

Today I wanted to bring ya'll a very touchy subject upon couponers and I wanted to first say that everyone coupons for different reasons.... wheater it be to save money or just get FREE stuff. Who doesn't love FREE, right?! But then we are faced with the problem of where to put all of our STUFF, lol.

RESELL? My Thoughts:
I'd like to think that the vast majority of couponers DONATE or give to family or friends. It's very rewarding when you donate/give something to someone and then you see the relief, especially in today's economy, in their eyes that they can cross that out of their shopping budget.

In the past few months I have given household supplies and body care items to both my grandparents and my grandma almost started to tear up. They do get their retirement check and social security check but they also just rewarded themselves by buying a new car so money is still tight for them. I was so happy to use my couponing smarts to give them the stuff that they need…

Toddler Trouble #3 - Hu?

Welcome to Toddler Trouble #3! 
Hu? Ohhh, that phrase gets under my skin. That seems to be the favorite phrase of my toddler now-a-days.
-Mom- "Put on your socks!"  -Eli- "Hu?" 
I must repeat myself like 50 million times...

HEB + Sprouts Info

I won't be putting up the match-ups this week but you can now use the $10 catalina to lower your OOP (I did today). You can check out Tiffany from My Litter (my fav HEB go to blog!) for this weeks match-ups and other deals that she posts! Sprouts is having a 72 hour sale that will be going on this weekend so head on over their their website if you wanna see the ad in your area.


Buy HCF Chicken Milanesa (around $2.50) and get HCF Beef Stir Fry FREE (up to $5.98)

*I forgot about the peelie*
Get $1 off checken wyb Frannks Red Hit Sauce
*Use $.50/1 Red Hots, SS 07/29/12 R

**The small bottle of the sauce is $.98**

YSMV, but the coupon is scanning $6 automatically, so if your store has packages under $6 you can get a bit of overage. AND if you have your $10 catalina you can do the deal I did at HEB today (LINK will be here in a few once I get my Youtube video done)!


Wordless Wednesday - New Hair!

Menu Plan Monday - Running Around

Next Saturday is my Grandmas and Grandpas 50th Wedding Anniversary; so I'm almost sure my mom is going to have me drive around and do last minute things. My grandma has always wanted a big party (for her birhtday or anniversary or holiday) but something always comes up and usually her sons (she has one girl and two boys) pull out and decide to not help with the preperation. So my mom has just taken things into her own hands, which is great, but it's a lot of work and she just got sick this past weekend because I think she's stressing out too much. So, yeah, it's gonna be a long week. Not sure how this weeks menu plan is going to go so we'll see.  I've tried to make the menu easy, using boxed and premade food/sauce... yuck, but oh well!

Monday Jambalaya with Sausage
Tuesday Taco Salad with Black Bean & Corn Salad Wednesdayy Leftover Night Thursday Spagetti n Meatballs with salad and garlic bread Friday Garlic Chicken with Creamy Italian Pasta  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Li…

$9 Money Maker at HEB *Today Only*

Happy dieciseis de septiembre! Mexican Independance day! I have a great deal to share with ya'll that is good today only! Check out my YouTube video below to get all the info. There are lots of great make-up deals at HEB this week. You can check out a great list that Tiffany from MyLitter put together for us with some great photos.

Click HERE to see the HEB Match-Ups this week.  I also have a great clearance haul on my Youtube Channel if you want to check that out as well.

Hope ya'll have a great Sunday!