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Toddler Trouble #2 - Talking

Even thought my Eli is not really a toddler anymore I thought I would bring ya'll a new weekly series.... TODDLER TROUBLE! I'll probably change the name but it seems to fit what she's going through at the moment. So Toddler Trouble will be a blog post all about what's going on in my 3 year olds life; blog posts from her perspective, my thoughts, stories she tells and just life with a toddler... sounds fun, hu?!

*** If you're a blogger and want to join in, let me know and maybe we can make this a linky ***


Yes, it's hard to admit but my daughter is already 42 months (3 1/2) and still isn't officially "talking." The only people that can understand her are me and her big sister. We asked our doctor about it before she turned three and has been going to speech therapy twice a week for an hour and even though I know she has made tremendous progress, she is still about 9 months behind. She is starting to say 5 word sentences, but again, no …

HEB Weekly Deals + BOGO at Sprouts!

Welcome to another week of some Coupon Match-ups for HEB are BACK! Of course, just like last time I will share the best deals that I know of and be sure to be a fan of my Facebook Page because if I hear of any deals then I will update this post and post it on my FB page to! Here is the link to the Weekly Ad.

Here is the link to H-E-Bs Coupon Policy and it has been recently updated so be sure to print and look over so you know you are following the rules.

*Updated Coupon Policy* Since sometime last year you may have noticed some coupons in our newspaper inserts and printable coupons have the new GS1 bar-codes (all info on one barcode). Most H-E-B registers will not take these coupons, but as per H-E-B Corporate if it is a legitimate coupon and you have purchased the correct product they should know to manually input the coupon to deduct the coupon amount off of your total. There is no word as to when they will update their registers.  *Affilia…

Gas Savings is HERE!

Wooowhooo! I am super excited! Just like last year, HEB and Wal-Mart has brought back their gas "savings" program. I first heard about Wal-Mart and today I heard about H-E-B jumping on board. Thank goodness.... I was getting worried that we wouldn't be seeing a break from gas prices, but I'm glad I was wrong.

So at H-E-B you will be saving $.12 per gallon when you load up your H-E-B gift card (hurry and go grab one if you don't have one yet)! Click HERE to see if your local H-E-B gas station is participating. 
Promotion ends 12/31/12. The 12 cent per gallon fuel discount is limited to personal, family and/or household use. 

At Wal-Mart, load up your gift card to save $.10 per gallon! Read all about it HERE!
*available 8/31/2012 through 12/24/2012 with the use of a Walmart MoneyCard at participating Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations.

Menu Plan Monday - September Already?!

Holy cow... when did September come around? I'd love for summer to be another few months so that I can have time to take a VACATION! But I'm so glad that school has started up again and have a few minutes to myself in the morning when everyone is still asleep. I'll take it! I did a big coupon/shopping haul so we'll be set for a few weeks and I'll get to spend some nice quite time with the new baby!

Monday Beef Tacos  with Spanish Rice and Beans Tuesday Cheesy Pasta n Sausage with Fruit Salad
Thursday Lemon Pepper Chicken with Baked Potato and Mixed Veggies
Friday Chicken & Broccoli Casserole ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Linking up with and her weekly Menu Plan Monday. Check out the link for more recipe ideas, there are some awesome ones. I sometimes use it to help me decide what to add to our weekly menu.

Mami-Loss * 30-Day Challenge

Yeah, it's September 2nd (I'm one day late)! That means it's the start of Shay-tember/ShayLoss! I just finished VEDA and now I have something new to keep me going. What is Shaytember? Well, it's hosted by ShayCarl of Shaytards, a Youtube Vlogger, you can check out this video to see "Day 1" video that he did.

So basically you set a goal or two or three that you want to complete by the end of September or like 30 daily goals, whatever you'd like. Here is my video where I tell you my goals. I hope to do weekly updates and hopefully complete the goals I have set to be HEALTHY for myself and my family.

So I'm going to call my 30-day challenge Mami-Loss! Wish me luck!
I will be keeping a journal on my other blog... "Gaining and Losing." I have posted in a long while because I couldn't "lose" weight while pregnant, but now that she's here, I can start up again and Shay-Tember is a great way to start, I think.

I'd love you to …