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Ready 4 Back 2 School + Coupon

School starts in the next few weeks for a lot of families and I'm sure that a lot of us are sooo ready for the kids to go off to school, while another bunch of us are nervous as heck! 

Hopefully this blog post will help the transition a bit easier. Everyday after school I love the transition-time between homework and dinner time. It's a great time for a SNACK! Who doesn't love a snack?!

Thanks to Mott's through MyBlogSpark I have a great coupon to share with you to help you save on snack time! Mott´s® Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks are the ideal blend of great tasting and quality ingredients that will make both kids and moms happy.

Mott´s Fruit Flavored Snacks are made with real fruit & vegetable juice* and natural colors+ and flavors and available with year round Double Box Tops! To help you add Mott´s Fruit Flavored Snacks to your kids´ snacking routine, you can CLICK HERE to download a printable coupon for $0.60 off the purchase of (1) Mott´s® Medleys Fruit…

HEB & Srouts Weekly Deals, 8/15 - 8/21

Welcome to another week of some Coupon Match-ups for HEB are BACK! Of course, just like last time I will share the best deals that I know of and be sure to be a fan of my Facebook Page because if I hear of any deals then I will update this post and post it on my FB page to! Here is the link to the Weekly Ad.

Here is the link to H-E-Bs Coupon Policy and it has been recently updated so be sure to print and look over so you know you are following the rules.

*Updated Coupon Policy* Since sometime last year you may have noticed some coupons in our newspaper inserts and printable coupons have the new GS1 bar-codes (all info on one barcode). Most H-E-B registers will not take these coupons, but as per H-E-B Corporate if it is a legitimate coupon and you have purchased the correct product they should know to manually input the coupon to deduct the coupon amount off of your total. There is no word as to when they will update their registers.  *Affilia…

Wordless Wednesday - Precious


Yup! I've been doing VEDA (Vlogging EveryDay in August) for the past two weeks, starting on the first day we brought the baby home! How fitting right?!

It's been great because I edit and upload while I pump or feed the baby early in the morning. So be sure to subscirbe to my Channel to stay in the loop. I am finding it easier to VLOG right now rather than typing on my blog! Here's a link to the playlist for VEDA... ENJOY!

Guess who's HERE!

Today marks the 2 week (and one day) "birthday" of my newborn....

ANNALEAH REYESShe was born on.... July 30th at 5:18 AM  She weighed 7lbs 6.3oz And was 17in long  I was 35 wks and 5 days pregnant
Here's the last photo of me taken pregnant. It was taken at my grandfathers' birthday party on Saturday, July 28th. Little did I know it would be my last photo. Everyone was telling me to go into labor that weekend. Everyone left on Sunday afternoon and that night... MY WATER BROKE!

Here is hubby with his newborn baby girl!

Here is Annaleah ready to go home!
Proud, happy and healthy mama super excited to hold her baby as we get ready to go home. We were discharged on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012!

Here we are at home on August 12, 2012 after hanging up her first wash of cloth diapers. I'm wearing my favorite wrap from Sugar Sweet Baby.

Things are getting back to normal soon. To keep in touch with me be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I am doing VEDA!