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HEB + Sprouts Weekly Deals 10/3 - 10/9

Welcome to another week of some Coupon Match-ups for HEB are BACK! Of course, just like last time I will share the best deals that I know of and be sure to be a fan of my Facebook Page because if I hear of any deals then I will update this post and post it on my FB page to! Here is the link to the Weekly Ad.

Here is the link to H-E-Bs Coupon Policy and it has been recently updated so be sure to print and look over so you know you are following the rules.

*Updated Coupon Policy* Since sometime last year you may have noticed some coupons in our newspaper inserts and printable coupons have the new GS1 bar-codes (all info on one barcode). Most H-E-B registers will not take these coupons, but as per H-E-B Corporate if it is a legitimate coupon and you have purchased the correct product they should know to manually input the coupon to deduct the coupon amount off of your total. There is no word as to when they will update their registers.  *Affiliate links included*

Coupon Lingo:
SS - Smart Source Insert

Where I find my Coupons!
RP - Red Plum Insert
P&G - Proctor & Gamble Insert
R - Regional Coupon Insert
B1G1F - Buy 1, Get 1 Free
WYB - When you buy
WISQ - With In-Store Coupon
BSQ - Big Savings Coupon
SQ - Store Coupon
#/##/## Date the Coupon Insert was released / Expired
Updates in RED
overage highlighted in GREEN 


No Coupons Needed

Russet Potatoes (5lbs) - $1.98ea
Green Cabbage - $.38/lb
 Colgate $.99
- $.75/1,  exp 10/20, SS 09/30/12
Mars Chocolates $.59
-$.50/2 tearpad, exp 12/31 = $.34 ea

With In-Store Coupons

Digiorno Pizza (12.6-34.2oz) $4.99
- $1/1 isq = $3.99
-$3/2 tearpad exp 10/31 = $6.98 ($3.49ea)
- $1/2, exp 10/9, RP 09/09/12

Save $.75 on Head & Shoulders, $3.92 wisq
-$2/1, 9/30 P&G = $1.92

Save $5/2 wisq on Enfamil Premium or Gentlease Infant Formula Powder (22.2 - 23.4oz) @ $23.98, BSQ
- $3/1, Printable

Save $1.50 wisq on Colgate Optic White Mouthwash (16oz)
-$1/1, exp 10/20, SS 09/30/12

Meal Deals

Buy Stouffer's Lasagna or Chicken Enchiladas get FREE, $10.97
- Nestle Candy Bars (6pk)
- Dole Salad Blends (5-12oz)
-Nestle Juicy Juice (48oz)
HCF or HEB Garlic or 5 Cheese Bread (7oz)
- $1.50/1, RP 09/09/12
-$1/1, Facebook Printable

Combo Locos

Bertolli Dinner for Two Meals (24oz) get
FREE Sara Lee Cheesecake (17-19oz)

Avent BPA Free Baby Bottles (2,4or9pk) get
FREE HEB Baby Distilled Water (3pk 1 gal)
- $3/1, Printable @

Buy Dove Go Fresh, Go Sleeveless Deodorant get
FREE Dove GO Fresh Body Mist (3oz)
- $.75/1, RP 09/30/12 R

Buy two Pantene @ $3.78 get
FREE Pantene Hair Styler (5.1-17oz, hairspray, mousse, gel, deteangler, creme or whip)
- B1G1F, SS 09/16/12
- $1/2, 9/30 P&G

Buy one Nivea Lip Care @ , get 2nd FREE wisq
- "FREE" coupon from FB Promotion

Save $1.50 wisq on Nivea Hand or Body Creme or Lotion

Buy Gain (24-32lds) @ $5.97 get
FREE Clorox (55-96oz)
-$1/1, RP 09/16/12 = $4.97

~~~~~ Unadvertised Deals~~~~~

Hedley Jasmine Tea, $3.99 to $1.99
Kraft dressing, $1.98 to $1.48
Ken's Dressing (9oz), $5/5
Riceland (32oz box) $1.44 to $.99
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salads, $1.68 to $1.25

HEB Coupons
Combo Loco... Buy Two HEB Ridged Potato Chips (11oz) @ $1.98, get HEB Rice and Bean Chips (5oz) FREE - $3.96 ($1.32ea)
Herdez Salsa, $.78 - $1/3isq = $1.34 ($.44ea)
Buy 3 Beach Cliff Sardines (3.75oz) @ $.88, get 4th FREE = $.66ea
HEB Ready to Serve Soupo (17.3oz) $1 and $1.89- $1/1isq = FREE to $.89
Buy HEB Broth (32oz) @ $1.29 - $1.50 get HEB Chicken Noodle Soup (17.3oz) FREE ($.64ea)
Buy Spam (12oz) @ $2.48 get Compleats Microwave Meal (10oz) FREE
- $1/2 Facebook Coupon
Nongshim Instant Ramyun (4.2-4.4oz) @$.85 - $.40isq = $.48
Buy Tyson Premium Chunk Chicken (12.5oz) @ $1.98 get Nissin Top Ramen Short Cuts (8.82oz) FREE
Buy One Compleats Kid's Microwave Meal (7oz) @ $1.46 get 2nd FREE wisq
-$.55/1 exp 10/15, SS 08/19/12 R = $.91 ($.45ea)
Buy Completes Microwave Meal (10oz) @ $1.98 get Hill Country Fare Canned Pasta (15oz) FREE
- $1/1, exp 10/15, SS 08/19/12 R = $.98 ($.49ea)
Buy 2 McCormick Taco Seasoning Mixes (1-1.5oz) @ $.54 get McCormick Country Gravy Mix (2.6oz) FREE = $1.08 ($.36ea)
Buy one Barilla Blue Box or Whole Grain Pasta (12-16oz) @ $1.18, get 2nd FREE
- $1 off wyb pasta & sauce, SS 09/23/12
Riceland Extra Long Grain Rice (80oz) @ $3.39 - $1isq = $2.39
Buy Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise (22-48oz) @ $2.98 - $3.98, get $1 off Hill Country Fare Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (64oz)??
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (36oz) @ $5.26 - $2isq = $3.26
Heinz Ketchup (32oz) @ $2.52 - $1isq = $1.52
-$.30/1 Printable
(( 20oz of Heinz is on sale for $2/3 ))
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce (5oz) @ $1.88 - $1isq = $.88
Heinz 57 Steak Sauce (10oz) @ $2.98 - $1isq = $1.98
HEB Salsa Specialty Series (16oz) @ $3 - $1isq = $2
Buy San Marcos Chipotle Peppers (11oz) @ $2.38, get San Marcos Whole or Refried Beans (15-16oz) FREE
Buy Nissin Top Ramen Short Cuts @ $.99, get Green Giant Kernel Corn FREE
HEB Flour Tortillas (50ct) @ $2.98 - $1isq = $1.98
((HEB Flour Tortillas (2oct) is $1.48))
Hormel Pepperoni (6-7oz) @ $2.98 - $1/2isq =  $4.96 ($2.48ea)
Ricos Gourmet or Aged Cheddar Cheese Sauce (15oz) Reg. $2.98, Sale 2/$4 - $1/1isq = 2/$2 ($1ea)
Equal Packets (115-230), Spoonful (4oz) or Tablets (100ct) @ $2.99/$5.69/$1.69 - $1 = $1.99/$4.69/$.69
- $.50/1 Classic (115) = $1.49
Buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch @ $2.98, Fiber One @ $3.36 or Total (12.2-16.2oz), get 3lbs of Bananas (up to $1.50) FREE
Buy Three Kellogg's, Keebler, Mothers or Sunshine Items get American Children's Book FREE
Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars (6ct) @ $2.64 get HEB Soda (2L) FREE
- $.50/1, SS 09/16/12 R = $2.14 ($1.07ea)

Curel Lotions (3.5-20oz) @ $3.67 - $1.50isq = $2.17
L'Oreal Kids Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler ??? - $1isq
Buy one Orchid Professional Nail Lacquer @ $4.97 get 2nd FREE
Zest Bar Soaps (3-8ct) @ $1.98/$3.98 - $1isq = $.98/$2.98

"B" Coupons
Post Pebbles (9.5oz-11oz) 3/$5
Q-tips (500ct) $3.44 - $1isq = $2.44
Jergens Lotion (2-26.5oz) @ $4.27 - $1.75 = $2.52
Renu Multiplus Fresh Lens (12oz) @ $6.98 - $1.50 = $5.48
- $2/1 Printable = $3.48
BioTrue Multi-Purpose Solution (10oz) @ $8.76 - $1 = $7.76
- $1/1 Printable = $6.76
Rohto Eye Drops (12mL) @ $4.76 - $2 = $2.76
Bayer Migrain Formula Caplets (50ct) or Bayer Headache Relief (50ct) @ $6.27/$5.36 - $1 = $5.27/$5.36
- $1/1 Bayer Asprin, SS 09/16/12 = $5.27/$4.36
- $2/1 Printable = $4.27/$3.36

Just because Deal....
Lucini Fig or Dark Cherry Balsamic Vinegars (8.5oz) @ $14.99 - $2 = $12.99

Sprouts is a local Organic/Natural food store where we usually buy our fruits and veggies and on Wednesday (when their new ad comes out) they have Double Ad Wednesday, so last weeks ad and the new ad is in effect! CLICK HERE to view last weeks deals! And they take coupons too!! Hubs now has school on Wednesdays so we haven't gone very often since school started, I try my best to PM (price-match) at Wal-Mart.

You can find more Organic Coupons for some great items and score awesome deals by visiting They also have monthly contests/giveaways, so you wanna check that out to.

Visit the Sprouts website HERE and you can see the pdf weekly ad for Sprouts on their website as well or sign up for their newsletter to get great coupons in your email. You can also get the ad sent to your email before Wednesday to get a sneak peak of the great savings. They have some great e-coupons too!!

****Sprouts Coupon from Recyclebank! I found a $5/$40 coupon that you can redeem for only 50 points! If you are not a member of Recyclebank yet, you have to sign up. You get 25 points just for signing up, complete a few "tasks" (how you earn points) and you will reach that 50 point total! Here is my referral link ----> CLICK HERE


Strawberries - 2/$3
Red Potatoes or Jumbo Yellow Onions - 2lbs/$1
Red, Black or Green Seedless Grapes - 2lbs/$3

Organic Produce

Baby Carrots (1lb) - $1.49/lb
Barlett Pears or Gala Apples - $1.49/lb


Almond Breeze Almondmilk (64oz) 2/$5
- $1/2 Sprouts Coupon
Kettle Potato Chips - $2.99
Ozarka Water (24pk) - $2.99

Butcher Shop

Farm Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters - $.69/lb

Bulk Foods

Thompson Seedless Raisins - $1.99/lb
Butter Toffee Peanuts - $1.99/lb

Cherry Vanilla Granola - $1.99/lb


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