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HEB + Sprouts 10/10 - 10/16 Weekly Deals

Welcome to another week of some Coupon Match-ups for HEB are BACK! Of course, just like last time I will share the best deals that I know of and be sure to be a fan of my Facebook Page because if I hear of any deals then I will update this post and post it on my FB page to! Here is the link to the Weekly Ad.

Here is the link to H-E-Bs Coupon Policy and it has been recently updated so be sure to print and look over so you know you are following the rules.

*Updated Coupon Policy* Since sometime last year you may have noticed some coupons in our newspaper inserts and printable coupons have the new GS1 bar-codes (all info on one barcode). Most H-E-B registers will not take these coupons, but as per H-E-B Corporate if it is a legitimate coupon and you have purchased the correct product they should know to manually input the coupon to deduct the coupon amount off of your total. There is no word as to when they will update their registers.  *Affiliate links included*

Coupon Lingo:
SS - Smart Source Insert

Where I find my Coupons!
RP - Red Plum Insert
P&G - Proctor & Gamble Insert
R - Regional Coupon Insert
B1G1F - Buy 1, Get 1 Free
WYB - When you buy
WISQ - With In-Store Coupon
BSQ - Big Savings Coupon
SQ - Store Coupon
#/##/## Date the Coupon Insert was released / Expired
Updates in RED
overage highlighted in GREEN 


No Coupons Needed

HCF Split CHicken Leg Quarters - $.98/lb
HCF Split Chicken Breasts - $1/lb
Striped Pangasius Fillets (2lb bag) - $2.50/lb
HEB Creamy Creations (1/2 gallon or 12ct cups) - 2/$7
Red Seedless Grapes - $.88/lb
Large Navel Oranges - $.77/lb
Russet Potatoes (5lbs) - $1.47ea
Large Gold Pineapple - $1.98ea
Halloween Masks or Wigs - $1.50ea!
FunSize Trick or Treat Candy (Nestle) @ $2.68
-Free Funsize wyb 4 Tombstone Pizzas! Printable
Skittles, Starburst, Sour Patch Smarties +MORE @ $2.28
- $1/2, RP 10/07/12 = $3.56 ($1.78ea)

With In-Store Coupons

Save $1 on Zest (3pk or 8pk), $2.49wisq
Save $.20 on Aim (6oz) Toothpaste, $.65wisq
Save $1 on Aquafresh
*Look for your local My Texas Magazine for a $1 manufacture coupon to stack with the Aquafresh if it is a "B" coupon*
Save 40% on any maybelline New York Cosmetic
*Found Lip products on clearance for $1!* $.30 overage
- $1/1, RP 09/09/12
$.75/1, SS 10/7
Save 25% on any Garnier Nutrisse, etc, hair or skin care products
- $2/1 Garnier Nutrisse, RP 09/09/12
- $2/1 Garnier Moisturizer, RP 08/12/12
Save $1 on any Garnier Product @ $2.94
- $1/1 Printable = $.94

Meal Deals

Buy H-E-B Fully Cooked Meatballs (35oz)
AND H-E-B Fancy Shredded Cheese (6oz Parmesan, Asiago, Romano or Swiss) get FREE 
-H-E-B Pasta (16oz)
-H-E-B Pasta Sauce (24oz)
-Dr Pepper Ten 2L

Combo Locos

Buy Gain (24-32lds) @ $5.97 get
FREE Clorox (55-96oz)
-$1/1, RP 09/16/12 = $4.97

Buy Pampers (58-112ct) @ $24.98 get
FREE Glad Odor Shield Trash Bags with Febreze (25-40ct)
- $1/1 Pampers, 9/30 P&G

BUY Oscar Mayer Cooked Ham or Beef Bologna (16oz) @ $4.98 get
FREE HEB Baked Chips (9oz)

Buy Eckrich Smoked Sausage (13-14oz) @ 2/$5 get
FREE Big Red 2L
-(2) $.55/1 Facebook Printable = $3.90 ($.97ea)

Buy 2 Herbal Essences Shampoos or 2in1 Conditioners (10.17oz) get
FREE Herbal Essences Hairspray, Mousse, Creme or Gel Styler (6-8oz)
- BOGO, SS 09/16/12

Buy one Ricola Throat Drops (19-24ct) @ $1.74 get 2nd FREE wisq, exp 10/16

 Unilever Catalina Deals
*Info on Catalinas at HEB... if these are "B" coupons (will confirm today) you still need to spend $15 after those coupons. You can use your $5 off starting on 10/$24! And if they are "B" coupons, we can stack manufacture coupons on top of them and those do not affect the $15 total. So my suggestion is to not "count" the "B" coupons, hand them to the cashier first and your total still has to be over $15 and your catalina will PRINT at that moment. If it has not PRINTED, I suggest, ask to call over the manager to just double check and then finish your transaction by handing them your manufacture coupons and the manager should be able to force print your catalina! GOOD LUCK!

The "B" Coupons are NOT affecting the Catalina! I used some and my total was below $15 and I still got my $5 catalina!

Save $1 wisq on any Dove Men +Care Deodorant @ $3.97
Save $1 wisq on any Dove Men +Care Body Wash and Face wash, bar soap or shower tool @ $6.97
Save $1 wisq on any Degree Men Adrenaline Series or Clinical Strength starting @ $3.47
 or Women MotionSense, Natureffects or Fine Fragrance Deodorant
Save $1 wisq on Clear Men Scalp Therapy @ $4.97
Save $1 wisq on any AXE Deodorant or Body Spray @ $3.97
Save $1 wisq on any AXE Shower Gel Product @ $3.97
Save $1 wisq on any AXE Hair Care Products @ $3.97
Save $.50 wisq on any Suave Men's Shampoo or Body Wash Product, starting at $1.84 - $2.50

You can also purchase the Degree "regular" at $2.32
purchase two of them, as well as two Clear Men @ $4.97
and one Suave Men's Body Wash @ $1.68
Total: $16.26
Use (2) BOGO wyb any Degree deodorant - $9.94
Use $.50/1 Suave Men's Body Wash
OOP: $5.82, get back $5 Catalina

Another product that is included is Vasaline Men

Photo Credit to fan Mayra!

~~~~~ Unadvertised Deals~~~~~

HEB Coupons

HEB Ready to Serve Soupo (17.3oz) $1 and $1.89- $1/1isq = FREE to $.89

Buy Spam (12oz) @ $2.48 get Compleats Microwave Meal (10oz) FREE
- $1/2 Facebook Coupon

Tasy Bite (8.8oz) Rice was $1.78, now $.89
- $1/2 HEB Coupon = $.78/2

Reddi Whip Topping (6.5oz) @ $1.98
- $.50/1 HEB Coupon = $1. 48

Minute Maid Light Lemonade or Light Pink Lemonade (59oz) @ $2.50
- $1/1 HEB Coupon, exp 11/6 = $1.50

"B" Coupons
Baby Orajel (Naturals) $4.71
- $1/1 HEB "B" Coupon, exp 10/16
- $1/1 Printable = $2.71

Triple Cream for Baby (2oz) or Tripple Paste (2-8oz) @ $7.47
- $2/1 "B" Coupon, exp 10/16
- $2/1 (peelies on product) =  $2.47

Enfamily Ready to use Infant Formula (32oz or 6pk, 8oz) @ $9.97
"Redeemable Once Per Transaction"
- $3/2 HEB "B" Coupon
- $3/1 Enfamil Website Coupon = $10.94 for two

BiC Triple and Quad Blade Shavers (3-8ct) @ $5.67 - $6.34
- $1/1 HEB "B" Coupon, exp 11/6 (use 2 if ur using the BOGO)
- BOGO, up to $7.49, SS 10/14/12 = $3.67 for two

OXY Acne Clearing Treatment Item @ $4.47
- $2/1 HEB "B" Coupon, exp 10/23
- $1/1, SS 09/30/12 = $1.46

Sprouts is a local Organic/Natural food store where we usually buy our fruits and veggies and on Wednesday (when their new ad comes out) they have Double Ad Wednesday, so last weeks ad and the new ad is in effect! CLICK HERE to view last weeks deals! And they take coupons too!! Hubs now has school on Wednesdays so we haven't gone very often since school started, I try my best to PM (price-match) at Wal-Mart.

You can find more Organic Coupons for some great items and score awesome deals by visiting They also have monthly contests/giveaways, so you wanna check that out to.

Visit the Sprouts website HERE and you can see the pdf weekly ad for Sprouts on their website as well or sign up for their newsletter to get great coupons in your email. You can also get the ad sent to your email before Wednesday to get a sneak peak of the great savings. They have some great e-coupons too!!

****Sprouts Coupon from Recyclebank! I found a $5/$40 coupon that you can redeem for only 50 points! If you are not a member of Recyclebank yet, you have to sign up. You get 25 points just for signing up, complete a few "tasks" (how you earn points) and you will reach that 50 point total! Here is my referral link ----> CLICK HERE


Blackberries (6oz) - 4/$5
Red Delicious, Gala, etc - $.99/lb
Green Cabbage - 2lbs/$1
Hass Avacados - $.77ea

Organic Produce

Green Cabbage - $.77/lb
Baby Carrots (1lb) - $1.49ea


Van's Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast Sticks - 2/$4
-$2/1 Facebook/Email coupon = FREE!

Hansen's Soda - 2/$5
- $1/1 Facebook Coupon = 2/$3

Lactaid Milk (64oz) - 2/$5
-$.55/1 Lactaid Website printable = $3.90 ($1.95ea)

Breyers Ice Cream - $3.99
*If they carry "Blasts" - $.75/1 Facebook Coupon = $3.24

Kind Bars - 4/$5
- $.75/1 Facebook Coupon = 4/$3 ($.75ea)

Soy Joy Bars - $.79ea
- B3G1F, SS 09/30/12 = $.59ea

Back To Nature Mac & Cheese - 2/$3
- $.75/1 Printable Coupon = $.75ea

Sprouts Veggie Sticks or Chips - $2.49ea
- $1/1 Sprouts Coupon = $1.49ea

Applegate Organic Deli Meats - $5.99ea
- $1/1 Applegate Website = $4.99ea

Butcher Shop

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets - $3.99/lb
Center-Cut Pork Loin Chops or Roasts - $2.99/lb
Boneless Sirloin Tip Steak or Stew - $3.99/lb
Center-Cut Boneless Top Sirloin Steak - $5.99/lb

Bulk Foods

Coconut Almond Granola - $1.99/lb
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Trail Mix - $3.99/lb

I did a senario, but this would only work if you got two of each of these deals, which means you would need more than 2 computers to get the printable coupons!
Buy.... Van's, Hansen's Soda, Kind Bars, Soy Joy and Back to Nature and use a $5/$40 coupon
Total is a few cents over $40 and pay $12.74 out of pocket!!
That's saving 70%! Who says you can't buy healthy food and not save!


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