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Pregnancy Journal - 17 Week Update

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**********17 weeks**********

So instead of going right into 18 weeks (I just turned 18 weeks yesterday), I'm just going to continue with 17 weeks, because I really can't talk about 18 weeks because I'm only on day 2 of 18 weeks... yeah, I was thinking about that last night. So.... Moyashi is now about the size of an onion and about 5 inches long (head to rump) and just about 5 ounces. The baby is moving their arms and legs a whole lot more because they can move their joints easily now. Super excited for my ultrasound next week!!

This week:


Total weight gain: 5 lbs (stayed the same) - 190lbs

Maternity clothes? I got a great deal on a maternity shirt at Target this week!! Check out my YouTube video on it, I only paid $1.47 and it's super cute and a great spring color. I want to go back and get more. The maternity pants that I wear more often still ride down a bit, I don't know how to make them say up, it's freaking annoying. Not sure if they are too big or too small, but, UGH! I'm still wearing normal shirts, but still love stylin' my maternity ones to show off my baby bump!
Stretch marks? Well, if you saw my Belly Shot video on YouTube, I have stretch marks, which I'm fine with, but no new ones. I have been itchy all over, but especially in my pooch area. I've got little small cuts. But I'm not scratching as much as I was before and, have been rubbing a coacoa butter stick after I take a shower.

Skin & Hair: again... itchy! And my hair is actually drier than normal. I've been using conditioner in my hair, which I usually don't use that often. It seems to work a bit.

Best moment this week: The baby has been stretching in my tummy, so I feel more than little flutters, that is so cute!
Food cravings: FISH & Watermelon! And pretty much I love to eat spice and salty foods. I know I can't eat that much because I don't want to raise my blood pressure, but it's so good. And with my after taste in my mouth, if I eat something with lots of flavor or spice I don't taste it as much

Anything making you queasy or sick:The only thing that is bothering me and it usually does is the smell in the kitchen. I've been cooking and making my snacks and stuff and there is all sorts smells in there, YUCK!

We find out this week!!

Labor signs:
I got some contractions last week. I got about two each night for three nights. Haven't had any since.

Headaches, lower back pain and itchy breasts and that's about it. I feel pregnant!

Belly button in or out?
In and puffy still.

Can you see your toes? Yes, but if I stand straight up and look down, NO!

Happy or moody most of the time:
Happy! Hubs says I've been more happy in this pregnancy than in my other two. Don't know if that's good or bad. 

Looking forward to: Finding out the SEX!

What made me cry this week: I need to stop watching YouTube!! I was looking at some playlists of the Duggar family and also military families that were departing or coming home, dumb I know. But I just balled and then got a headache.

Medical Stuff: Had my doc appointment on Tuesday and he was very happy with my sugar numbers for the past two weeks. He also scheduled me for my ultrasound (Anatomy scan) next week! And I also took some of the birth defect tests (blood test) so that wasn't too bad. I haven't gotten sick again, which is good, so lets just pray that these next few weeks and those test results come out negative.

Thoughts from the family: Eli is just in love with the baby (she's 3) and she loves to give the baby kisses when she goes to bed and I think she's also talking to the baby during the day (like when she pretend plays). It is just so cute. She's gonna be a great big sister.

Miss anything? That's pretty much is. We went to my grandmas to celebrate her birthday, we bought her a cake (I had a super small piece) and it was nice to get together and kinda talk about the baby. Two of my other cousins just had baby boys, so she's kinda hoping for another boy. (Congrats to my cousins!!)


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