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Recipe - Oven Roasted Corn

Our local farmers market recently changed from Sun Harvest to Sprouts! They are both apart of Henery's Farmers Market, but Sprouts has now joined forces and all markets will now be Sprouts. That is exciting news for me because that will grow the amount of products in store. When I last visited they had done so much cleaning and organizing, it's like a different store. I was afraid that prices would go up, but I haven't seen much of an increase, so that's good.

This week they had corn 10/$2!! My Eli loves corn.... sadly they were all out, they only had a few dozen left. We took like 6, but they only charged us for 4 because the others didn't look very appetizing, lol. And we go on Wednesdays because both ads are in effect.

So today was suppose to be leftovers, but we ate it for lunch so... quick thinking. I had the hamburgers from a few month ago in the freezer. (Bought two packs and got all that FREE food from H-E-B!)

Oven Roasted Corn:

4-5 ears of corn

Prep: Preh…

Wordless Wednesday - JELL-O

We made home-made pudding today!!

Green Tip Tuesday: Long Live the King!

What's your favorite Elvis song? Why do I ask? Well, on this day in the King of Pop was found dead in his Graceland Mansion.

What does this have to do with being green?? Well, there are so many auctions and people who will try to sell memoriabilia today! But don't buy it!! lol My green tip is to bypass all the hussle and bussle and take a stroll to your local antique store or better yet to your farmers market or flea market. You are sure to find a great deal there. Maybe find some fabric or a t-shirt and then make a pillow out of it! Yeah, a pillow. Everyone needs that one piece of odd decorative decor in their home! Dance to it.

Menu Plan Monday - Getting Back into the Grind

Most of the US has started school already, but we don't start till next week! So this week we will get back into the grind of waking up and getting ready like we are starting the day!! I hope ya'll have a successful first day of school and get back on track. I know I am ready, we got all our supplies and stocked with breakfast foods and more.

Monday: Ground Beef n Potato Tacos
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese and tomato soup
Wednesday: BBQ Chicken with grilled corn and veggies
Thursday: Left Overs
Friday: Pizza n spaghetti

Get more menu ideas here at!

Today I got FREE Breakfast?! How? Where? On the Stripes Facebook Page! Stripes is a local gas station. Go check if there is one near you! Thanks for the BREAKFAST.