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Friday Blog Hops - Road Trip!

Haven't done any blog hops lately... I love reading new blogs! Check these out!


Green Tip Tuesday - Donations?

I've been doing lots of donating recently and it just got me to thinking.... how can we donate more eco-friendly?

Well, when I donate I usually do it when I have other errands in the area. I usually donate to my local church and food bank, so when I have errands in that vacinity I grab my "donation bag." I keep in the garage, and just toss it into the under carriage storage so it stays out of the way.

Also, I donate via coupons. I saw a lady buying 3 boxes of diapers at CVS (they had ECB's this week). Well, I handed her 3 $2 off coupons so she saved an additional $6! She thanked & thanked & thanked me! lol I just handed her my biz card and told her I was having a coupon class and that was it.

Another way would be donate from your garden! I have tomato, lettuce & herbs right now and clipped last week and gave them to my neighbor because we were going out of town and didn't want the animals (dogs/cats/squirrels) to get to them. I didn't use any gas …

Ready for Summer *Photo Opp*

I am so excited to get this started I decided to give ya'll extra entries before it even starts! I have a few sponsors already.... who loves to roller skate?! And more to come!

So head on over to The Mami Blog on Facebook & show me that you're ready for summer! (No nudity please!)
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Menu Plan Monday - Memorial Week

Happy Memorial Day!! I wonder how many people are BBQ-ing. We didn't BBQ, but we did go visit my grandparents and made a trip to the cemetery to say hi to my daddy. Then we came home and made lunch... Chinese! It was my dads favorite as is my Hubby & Vetty too! And it was a very frugal meal as well. It was a soup. I can't remember the name... but guess what! They are usually like $1.19. I had tried them some time last year because Hubs always likes to try the foods in the "Chinese" section of the grocery store (none of those meal in a bowl). And because it's recommended to be made by boiling the noodles then adding the "base" in your bowl makes it more authentic. Anywho... they were on sale for $.25 a few weeks ago at my local H-E-B! I bought like 6. So for this Memorial Day lunch I only made two. The water I used to boil the noodles in was FREE (at my local watermill promotion). So, $.50 total for a family of 4 = $.12 a person!! So hoping to keep …

Sunday in my City - Watermelon Festival

Family had a blast this weekend, especially on Sunday!! We went to the Watermelon Festival at Donna's Corn Maze! Thanks to Donna's Corn Maze & RGV Mag I won two tickets! We just had to pay for Vetty, $10! What a bargin. Please go over and say THANKS! And that funny looking guy is Gallagher! Famous Comedian & Watermelon Smasher!

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