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Just Write & Dream #7

As apart of my new posting ideas here is this weeks Just Write Post, participating from If you want to see this weeks and others CLICK HERE.

Writing Prompt #8 – Dream Deep
Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. – - – -Ralph Vaull Starr
Consider the dreams that you have had throughout your life. What did you want to be when you grew up? What do you wish you were doing now? If you could do anything, without having to worry about your responsibilities, what would you do?


I have had many dreams, but instead of my "dreams" I wanna let out some of the Dreams that I've been having. I have no one else to tell them to. I tell Hubs, but most the time he's asleep or not listening! lol But lets get serious here. I miss my Daddy.... He left us (past away) a few years ago and our family has never been the same. I dream about yelling at my family, trying to shake them from their thinking…

Dialect TEXAS VLog

Hey ya'll... Thought it would be fun to do this.... just watch the video! lol
Here's where you can go to link up: Dialect Vlog Linky

Thank You Giveaway!!

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Mommy Q&A: R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

This week I have had so many questions as a mommy. Eli is a few weeks from becoming two and still only "Mama" can understand what she's saying, which is a gift in itself, lol. Vetty is doing great in school but hasn't been wanting to do her homework.... Like I had mentioned a few weeks ago I had began tuning into "Stop Responding, Start Reacting," a MomTV weekly show (Wednesdays I believe). I signed up with her newsletters as well and I love them! You know how usually when you sign up for a newsletter you always leave it for later, but later never comes so I just end up going on a purge and deleting all my emails. But Sharron's news letters I always read through on the spot. It answered one of the questions I had. Sharron took some notes from one of her favorite books (How to Talk So Kids will Listen and Listen So Kids will Talk) and made a list! (These tips aren't from Sharron).
5 Ways to Show Respect for Your Child

Remember, we can’t expect kids to …

Following Friday #12

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Crunchy!! But I love to make peanut butter cookies during the holidays!

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Toddler Talk Thursday - YumYum

Welcome to Week 29 of Toddler Talk Thursday! Where Family and Life in Las Vegas, Crazy about my Baybah, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom talk all things TODDLER!!
Toddler Talk Thursday was created as a place for moms and dads of toddlers to come together over a weekly topic and share ideas, go-to toys, or products. It is a great way to meet other bloggers of toddlers. Each week the topic will be different; we invite you to link up, share your weekly Toddler Talk!! NEW THIS WEEK!! – WE ARE CHANGING HOW WE PICK THE FEATURED BLOG.
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Just watch the video... I know it's kinda long, but I just wanted you to get the whole story.... Hubs suggested that I open up the bags and give H-E-B one more chance before causing a scene! What do you think?

Deals n Steals 3/2-3/8

Deals were so so this week. Only thing I've bought this week is tortillas and hamburger buns, so that's saved us! I had another incident at H-E-B this week, I'll post about that later today.....

Chicken Drunksticks or Thighs $.77/lb
2/$10 Eckrich Meat Smoked Sausage 48oz
cameo Apples $.77/lb
5/$10 H-E-B Soft Drinks
HCF Chunk Light Tuna $.58 ea
Beach Nut Stage 2 Baby Food 4oz $.46 ea
Keebler Sandie or Fudge Shoppe Cookies $1.98 ea
Texas Small Grapefruit 4/$1
Meal Deal $5.65 in FREE items
Buy H-E-B Beef Chuck Burger get FREE HCF Ketchup, HEB Dip
HEB Ridged Potato Chips, HEB Soft Drinks & HEB Cheese Slices

Organic Tangelos $.97/lb
Organic Cauliflower $.97/lb
-$2/2 Earthbound Farms Printable Reycle Bank has a coupon you can redeem, but my local sun harvest will not take these coupons if the item is on "sale" or doesn't equal over $2!
Back To Nature Organic Crackers $2.50 (our girls loves these, as do I)
Organic Naval Oranges $.88/…


Wordless Wednesday - Swinging

{Blogorama Bonanza} Sponsor Highlight - Paper & Pigtails

Next on the Party Planning was decor! With that I usually make the goodie bags, banners, center pieces and what not. Well.... I'm still doing the goodie bags and center pieces, but I was given an awesome recommendation from someone I worked with because she can edit each one to fit your theme and then you just print them out yourself, no shipping, super easy! That brings me to introduce my next sponsor, Kori from Paper & Pigtails, lovely name, no?! All of the designs are so adorable. The best part is that I just go shopping for the eco-friendly paper and I got an eco-friendly banner! You can print them on colored paper if you really wanted to as well. Just take a look at some of her designs HERE. You should also turn to Kori for you cupcake toppers! Lots more to choose from. Check out the design she did for Eli's party!
I love how the designs that are done are both kid friendly and chic. That is just what I wanted for Eli's birthday party since there are very few small …

Green Tip Tuesday - BlackOut!

This weeks tip comes from a CafeMom friend was was talking to me about greening your home. She lives in mid-Texas where the weather changes but the sun still stays out almost ALL day and their electric bill has been fluctuating too much. Well, she told me that she made black out curtains! All she did was layer some sheets together and tada! She's now saving an average of $10/mo and more!

You can buy them online from $10-$70 and I did find some at our local shopping center for $15+

So if you're looking for some easy ideas to cut down on your electric costs check these curtains out and see how much you can save. You can also checkout Ehow to see how you can make your own.

Happy Green Tip Tuesday!

If you have a tip to share with me and my readers please contact me!


Yup.... now that the Blog Party is officially over I'm happy to announce the WINNER of the $25 Gift Card to

Katie S
katiekstewart @ gmail . com
Congrats Katie.... it's well deserved because she helped promote the giveaway so much with all her tweeting! Thanks Katie!
And a big THANK YOU goes out to Calley of The Eco Chic & Deb from Diapers Etc, it was an awesome Blog Party, super easy to put together and fun for everyone, can't wait to see what's in store for both of ya'll.

{Blogorama Bonanza} Sponsor Highlight *Extra Entries*

So, this event is going to be dedicated to my lil Eli! She'll be turning 2 years old soon and if you are planning a birthday some time soon, you'll want to check out the event and ENTER TO WIN!

What's the first thing you think of planning a BIRTHDAY? I think THEME. Our theme for Eli is "Enchanted Faries!" I've been to so many birthday parties in my time. I've seen jungle, mickey mouse, movie themes, donald duck, but I love the unique ones like "Bubbles" and have bubbes floating everywhere during the party. I'd love to see that in a wedding theme, but anyways. Eli's nursery theme as a baby was butterfies and we picked that because it can grow-up with her. And she loves all flying animals, birds, ducks, butterflies! So far it has fit her perfectly.

Okay, let's get back on track. After we picked our theme we thought about invites. Right away I jumped on an idea and sent a message to Julie of Vinyl george! I had seen some of her work on…

Menu Plan Monday - Special Request!

On this weeks MENU.......

Monday: Fideo & Black Beans

Tuesday: Sausage Chili with cornbread

Wednesday: Tacos (trying new recipe!)

Thursday: Pizza n Italian salad

Friday: Home-made HAMBURGERS with Homemade BBQ Potato Chips!

I'm all ready for this week... I went a few cents of this weeks budge but that I got a special request from Vet to make Hamburgers! Most of these are made from the pantry this week as we're saving for Eli's birthday gift.... it's a SECRET! Only thing I had to buy this week was hamburger meat, which was more expensive than usual and that was it! I did buy a few extra things because it's the end of the month and the coupons were expiring! lol

For more recipes check out  and her Menu Plan Monday post HERE.

Sunday in my City - Border Town

Started off the day at the Alamo Flea Market!! ((I did my video on how I wear my Moby, stay tuned))

Then visited the city of Hidalgo to visit with friends. Hidalgo is a border city,  so I snapped some pics of the border!

There's the border "Fence!"

Our Flags! American, Mexico & the "Unofficial Texas Flag!" (Whataburger!)
This pic speaks for itself.....

I showed you mine, now show me yours.
Share your city/town/suburb/you name it!If you link up, please link back or post the Sundays In My Citybutton either in your post or sidebar to let people know that other bloggers are sharing their communities too. Happy trails!
Let’s travel the world together!