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WAG - Deal gone BAD!


I guess I didn't  research enough about the RR's this week... but I was kinda super excited for my trip today. I was going to buy my girls their "Easter basket" fillers! Chocolate candies, pencils and mac n cheese! lol

So here was my scenario!

Transaction #1
Buy $10 in Hershey's Candy and get $5 Register Rewards

Transaction #2 (((OPTIONAL)))
2 Pampers Jumbo Pack 2/$18, Mani Q $1.50 off = $6.75/ea ($4.25/ea after RR) + Receive $3 RR
Betty Crocker Conr bread mix, wag q = $.29/ea
Total B4 Coupons: $18.29
Coupons: $1.50 + $.70 = $2.20
RR Used: $5
Total ATer Coupons (OOP): $11.09
Gained: $3 RR

Heinz vinegar $1.99, on sale $.99, coupon $.50 = $.50
Easter Pencils 8/$1 = $1
Mac n Cheese, $1.29, $.69/ea (wag 1, limit 3) = $2.07
2 - Mars Easter eggs $.29/ea (I forgot the coupon)
Ziploc heafty $3.49, B1G1F (wag q), $1/2 = $1.14ea
Tuf paper towels $.99, wag q 2/$1 = $.50ea
Palmer 5oz peanut butter filled eggs $.99, wag q = $.79/ea
Total B4 Coupons: $ $16.10+tax
Coupons: $ 1 + .50 + 1.80 + 3.49 + 1.00 + .98 + .20 = $8.97
RR Used $3
Total ATer Coupons (OOP): $4.13

Food Stamps used:  $14.23
Cash OOP: $15.37 ((I'm off by a few cents, but oh well!, YOU GET THE POINT!))

Or I was going to skip Transaction #2 and then I would have used the $5 RR towards Transaction #3 and only paid $2.13 for Transaction #3. That would bring my Total OOP to only $4.28 & Food Stamps to $13.94!! ((number may be wrong... I'm irritated))

So I was ready to go, ready to save over 60%!! I even left the house at 6pm, thinking we would just go in and out and put Vetty in bed by 8:15 at the latest! Plus I had a BambooPink conference call at 7pm. BUT NOO!!!

I didn't do transaction #2 anyways, just to save money money OOP and just wanted to go in and out. So when I pulled up to the cash register I did my first transaction but my RR did not print! I asked why and she said she didn't know and said she thinks we can only buy the ones here. I showed her that the ones I bought were "Hershey's" and were in the ".oz" limit. I asked her if the Catalina had paper, again she said she didn't know! So I told her well, which ones do I have to buy?! There was no RR tags up anywhere, so that took me a while to look at each bag or tag to see which ones fit the ounce limit!! Annoying....

So I said okay, I'll just go check again, and the ones there weren't in the "sale" were more, so my total was like $12 instead of $10 get another one of these. So the manager came, he walked me over to the beauty cash register ( I really don't like that, it's like they don't want other people to hear what's wrong... but I wouldn't want to make the other people wait!! IDK). So he returned the 3 bags and he added another $2.50 bag, but that only brought my total to $7.50, so I had to go get another bag! Then the cosmetic girl charged me and the manager said, here is her credit. So she told me the total and she said $2.80 or something. So I was like... what? And told her, no... that's not right Now I'm not going to get the RR's AGAIN! I had told him that I wanted to spend the $10 so I can get the $5 RR so I can buy the other items. Why did he just give me credit?! So I asked her if I would get them? She said I should, but she didn't know. So I paid with Food Stamps and my total was $.80?! What?? I asked why $.80, I should be charged tax with Food Stamps! She agreed, and then I didn't get my RR's .................

So... the cashier understood and just returned everything again and then my total came out to $15.80 - Food stamps and she charged it and I got $5 RR! Finally. ((Mind you she had a mediocre look and no concern or pepp in her step... turn off)) 

So I was a little bit relieved and asked her if she wouldn't mind checking me out or if I had to go back to the "regular" line. She said, "I-can-check-you-out-here" Robot sound! lol So I gave her the rest of my products, expecting great deals! Even after she scanned all the wag & mani coupons she told me the total.... $18.42 (or something like that... I left everything in the car because I think I'm going to just RETURN EVERYTHING!) I was like what? I asked her if all the coupons went through, she said "yeah." So I asked her if I could look at the recipet before I paid and she said "No" I was like what? I'm not going to pay if it's that much. I showed her my well-planned Shopping List and she was just looking at it like "What?" lol So I was like oh well. Then I gave her the $5RR and she asked me... did you buy more Hershey's? I was like, what? no? why? She said that the Register Rewards was only good towards the purchase of more CHOCOLATE! I was totally floored and re-read the ad and it didn't say that! I asked again to talk to the manager and he just looked annoyed and tired. I told him, I'm not trying to be smart or anything, but I'm a good planner & blogger and that I will be sharing this because I had planned to buy what I needed with the $5 off and without it I wouldn't want to pay another $15+ again. He just said that it's upto the "sponsor" to what to offer in the RR. It can be for store "credit" or a certain item. I told him I had never heard of that and that Walgreens should put that in their AD!

So... because I was tired and it was already..... guess what time it was?! It was 10 till 8pm! SO I just paid! I mean I didn't save anything! My total after the wag & mani coupons is $8... somewhere I was charged and extra $10!?! And then she didn't even put the rest of the stuff in my reusable bag! lol... I just grabbed the bags and walked out. (((I was nice the whole time and didn't raise my voice or anything)))

I was determined to see where the cashier went wrong (because I know it wasn't me?!) So I check off each item and each corresponding coupon. In the end there was one missing... the coupon for Palmer 5oz peanut butter filled eggs. I was charged regular price, $.99. Then....... I SAW IT! ((Wish I could show you a picture... maybe I'll ask Hubs to bring in the recipet when he comes home in an hour))

I was charged $8 for 8 Easter Pencils!!!

I was already in the car, I had the girls sitting down.... So I drove up to the front of the store and opened the door and asked a customer to tell the front cashier I need the manager. He came to the door and I told him I was over charged and if he could just give me the refund or do I have to get the girls down again? He asked what was it that you need?! So I told him I was charged $8 for 8 pencils. He said oh, well you would have to come in so I can see the pencils. ((There was no other pencils in the easter isle!)) And I asked, "I just bring the pencils? He said "No, you have to bring everything you bought so I can see your bags." I was like what?! OMG... He was there when I was checked out.



  1. I'd go back when you have time to deal with it. Here's the thing ... sometimes store personnel make it difficult hoping that you simply won't have time or want to bother with it. But, I won't let them get away with it ... I stand right there and, like you, very politely go through it. That usually means going through it twice ... once with the cashier and then again with the manager. Again, like you, I'm very careful with my planning ... I read all the rules carefully. So, if they refuse to accommodate me, I simply tell them that I don't want the product. No sale! They hate that!

    It's a hassle but, in my opinion, they shouldn't put out coupons, rewards, etc. if they don't intend us to use them. And, a dollar is a dollar. So I'd go back and insist they make it right ... or ask them to refund the entire purchase.

    Just my 2 cents. :-) Sorry you had such a bad time!

  2. Uuumm what walgreens was this? So I know never to go there! LOL I would definately email corporate and tell them! Forget about complaining at the store!


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