Tuesday, March 8

Green Tip Tuesday - Safety & More!

Do you know any new parents? Do you remember when you wre a new parent. I certainly do. I was obsessed with doing it RIGHT! I wanted to be the best parent. I was pretty good! lol But now with baby number two we are very different parents. Back then I wasn't too concerned about the impact we were having on the environment, I didn't know much about being green either. 

I do still think about safety with Eli.... Don't think I'd be a Mother (Happy International Woman's Day!) if I wasn't. So I wanted to take a bit of time today and tell you about a great website that has an enormous amount of safe & eco-friendly products; www.MyPreciousKid.com. There are lots of saftey products for the home, baby safe gear and of course cloth diapers!

So, if you are a new mother or a experienced mother check out My Precious Kid, because safety is important!
 Do you love to win things as well? There was just a huge giveaway on many products on their Facebook Fan Page. So be sure to go and "Like" My Precious Kid on Facebook for other great contests and giveaways! There are also lots of informational and fun posts on their Blog page as well. It's just a great site overall to learn about safety, I love it!

You don't have to go out and buy all these books to "learn" about parenting, each child and parent are different. Plus you'll be saving money and not waste paper. Just visit sites like MyPreciousKid.com, Parenting.com and the like. If you do buy a book when you're done with it lend it to a friend who's expecting. I know it's hard to let go of those books but it's just getting dusty and taking up space. The only thing I have of my girls is my pregnancy journal. 

Disclousure: I wrote this blog page as an entry to MyPreciousKid.com's Blog Contest to win a $50 giftcard!

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