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Visits Accepted

Through the Green Blog Hop I found The Small Town Mom and then found out she's also big on spreading the word about the use of modern cloth diapers. I was excited to help her and jumped on board her weekly post "Stash Stories Saturday." I will be featured this Saturday. I hope you will stop on by check out my story and then maybe submit your own story so that we can get the word out about all the moms and families who use cloth diapers.


Following Friday #2

Second week following this blog hop... thanks to all the new followers.
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Seeing is believing! - Vent

For as long as I can remember the last time we had good steady signal with our internet (two different companies)! Wouldn't you think the first thing these techs would check would be the cable box? Everytime we would call we'd get the same response, just to call back when our signal drops. But when we would they would do a speed test or monitor for a while and they would never see anything wrong. So FRUSTRATING! Especially when you're playing Choo Choo Soul and it pauses every few seconds!

So today, we had a great technician who check everything. He did find some issues and then said he would going to check the box. ((And supposedly we had the maintenance crew come out and replace some wiring the week before)) He came back and told us he found the problem. We had over 5 lines connected (non-professional) into our cable line! OMG! It's like having a 6th toe, you never thought it would happen to you. So.... we might not be very liked this holiday season. I feel so bad tho…

Recipe - Cupcake Poppers from Betty Crocker

As I mentioned earlier this week about the Betty Hot Ten Trends here is the recipe I used for my daughters Christmas party at school! It's super easy and my 6 year old had a blast helping me make them! It's aweome that food coloring washes right out! lol This is an awesome treat for any family with kids and who love being in the kitchen. Enjoy

Perfect Holiday Gift! Family Edition #3

Only 14 more days till the big day and here we are on the 3rd week of Scavenger Hunt. Let me just say it has been so fun. I find the item then I get all excited because I find great deals and spread the word about all these wonderful gifts that sometimes we don't even think about. Now on this week the clues lead me to "Dinnerware!"and that is one of my favorite things to shop for because sometimes you can find them at great prices. Another reason is because we use them daily and not a holiday goes by without some plates breaking! It's hilarious. So eventually you see your once beautiful dinnerware set down to about 3 cups and 6 plates, lol. Enough about holiday tragedies, lets get to the good stuff!

My favorite this year is this one! It's festive, unique, oriental chic (which is my fav) and the price is right on. It's a 16 peice set from American Atelier Yardley.

Have I mentioned the Club O? Well you have just got to check it out. I am big on savi…

Wordless Wednesday

This is my grandmother at our parish's Doce De Diciembre procession to celebrate the Virgin's appreance to Juan Diego. Doesn't she look stunning!

A Time to "Give Back"

Of course, one of my favorite things to do is shop... well, actually browse. I'm a huge window shopper and hubby hates that. But another of my favorite things to do it "Give Back." If I find a great deal and I know that a portion of the sale goes to a charity or will be used to give back to the community, I'm all for it and usually buy something from that person or website. Well, with my affiliation with One2One Network I was fortunate to learn about this great new website Just for registering I was given $5 to donate or buy as I wish and a % of that would go to a charity or foundation of my choice! How awesome is that. So after seconds of registering I got an email to validate and presto I was able to share my $5. To donate to a specific organization all you got to do is search. I searched for local organizations and I found my cities Boys & Girls Club. My daughter visits every now and then and I thought this would be the perfect way to give back t…

Green Tip Tuesday *Holiday Edition *

Welcome to week #2 of Green Tip Tuesday, Holiday Edition! And did you know it's not Winter yet? It's still fall.... and I love it because it's my favorite time to go to the Farmers Market. When I was asking for guest bloggers I got an email from Diane from Turning the Clock Back and she wanted to tell everyone about buying locally grown Turkeys and that automatically got me thinking about my local Farmer's Market. I mean fresh, organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables doesn't beat those tin canned ones for making turkey pot pies and delicious warming soups! Here in the valley the sun is out almost year round and it doesn't get very cold, maybe a few weeks of freezing temperatures. Stop on by your local farmers market and just take a stroll, ask questions if you have any and just buy what you need. Don't forget your reusable bags!

Let's now welcome out Guest Blogger, Diane and her Sexually Frustrated Turkey! (Got to love the title)

My name is Diane …

Sundays in my City - Carnival Party

Eli & Vetty
Hubby & Eli

Mommy & Eli

It was a last minute party... it was fun. And the Posole was delicious.... I'll have to post a recipe for that soon. It's a great tradition, along with menudo! YUMM!

I missed the linky.... darn. But head on over and see the other linkies!

Menu Plan Monday with Betty Crocker

Baking time! Like always my 6 year old came home with a letter from school stating that their holiday party is coming up and she wrote down to bring cup cakes. Luckily that same day I got an email featuring Betty Crockers "Red Hot Holiday Trends!" Check them out:

Red Hot Holiday Trends: The Betty 10
Betty Brings You the Brightest Holiday Trends
What makes a trend red hot? When it’s exciting, it’s fresh, and making its mark from coast to coast. With the help of our 750,000 Facebook fans, we’ve selected the food trends that will be red hot this holiday season. Check out the top 10 list in our Red Hot Video, as well as delicious new recipes with gorgeous photos. And since it’s the season for giving, spread the cheer and share these trends with your friends too.

Top 10 Trends:
What makes a trend red hot? When it’s exciting, it’s fresh, and making its mark from coast to coast. From the DIY craze to the rise of beer and bacon, the food trends that made our red hot list are each very …

New *Mamas & Papas*

Have you ever watched TV, movies that take place over seas they have the coolest looking storllers, baby carries and their babies always look so sharp!

Well, have I got news for you! "Mama & Papas" is making it's U.S. debut and bringing over their lightweight stroller collection and lots more of their baby gear! They are a U.K. based company and are the go-to brand over there. You can read up on them HERE.

They will make it easy for us to purchase as well... Babies 'R Us will be carring their products. If your local store isn't carrying them yet you can always buy them online HERE.
Go like Mamas & Papas on Facebook to get the latest information. A "liker" just won a little something by entering their Christmas Tree contest.

Here's their Twitter page as I'm sure they will have lots of information on there as well!

Here's more information about their Light Weight Strollers:
Mamas & Papas has created a fleet of lightweight strollers that …