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Sundays in my City - Just Fun!

A lazy Sunday afternoon....

Fun filled day at McKelvey Park in Harlingen, TX

We took a drive to Harlingen, Texas (30 minutes from the beach) to a park near downtown and is off the Arroyo, Colorado River that runs through the Rio Grande Valley. The river is still flooded from the hurricanes that came within a few miles south and actually hit Mexico. We still had a great amount of watershed. The mosquito are numerous right by the banks and some of the grass is still soaked in mud. But it's still a beautiful sight.
So, daddy slid down the slide with Eli and we brought my cousin, "Z" with us and we told them that we would always play hide-n-seek, so they played that for about 10 minutes and then got bored! lol We found a tree with exposed roots and we told them about all the water that was being pushed through all the rivers and dams in the area so that it would flood and the water probably reached all the way to the tree. They were amazed. That tree was a good 30 feet away fro…

Menu Plan Monday - Send me Ideas!

Everything has been running smoothly here in our household and I am eager to get things ready for a new week. And as you see in the title "Send me Ideas!" I was talking to my husband about this week menu and we want to try some of your "old"recipes and make them our "new" ones! So what has been in your family for centuries? Or what is your families favorite Sunday night meal? Send them on over and we will be sharing and trying your recipe on my blog! So send me an email and starting in November I will be featuring a few of ya'lls recipes.

Here is the menu for this week:

Monday - Pot Roast n veggies with homemade mashed pot n gravy

Tuesday - Pasta Rendezvous with fresh cheese n strawberries (pasta salad)

Wednesday - Post Roast n blue cheese salad with roasted corn n cabbage

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Ham and mozarella melts (sandwiches)

I finally got my pantry organized and I have all our pasta in glass containers. All our fruits and veggies are bought fro…