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Ready to Serve! Review

Minute Rice as been a staple for our family since I can remember. I remember being a little girl going over to grandmas house and seeing that recognizable red box in the cupboard. So now when we go to the store we always read for the Minute Rice box. But then I started seeing these "Ready to Serve!" packs and I thought I'd give them a try.

When I go shopping I don't go without a list and I always think ahead to see if this would work in a meal I have planned for the week. Of course, rice goes with almost everything! The number one thing we have with rice is a beef or chicken stir-fry. Both hubby and daughter love Chinese cuisine. So that's what I used the rice for. Oh and they have both a white and brown rice; there are also other varieties and they vary by store.

So I got to cooking and love that when I was doing with the stir-fry the rice was ready. All I had to do was add water, a little butter and seasoning for a little extra flavor and then pour the rice into …

GTT - 10 tips for a Cleaner, Greener Home

I love to share tips with strangers about how to have a more greener, healthier home, especially at the farmers market. I mean, cus if you are there you know that most people do care about their health to begin with. If you are at the mall and start to tell someone about how they can be a bit greener, they'll probably look at you like, "I don't care." I say this cus it's happened to me a few times. I usually get compliments about my moby wrap or the cloth diapers when they are exposed and I love to go on and on about how we love them and most of the time, they were just wanting to pay a compliment and that's it, lol.

So if ya'll wouldn't mind, I'd like to share a few times that we've put into play in our home so that you to can become a greener family:
Keep your A/C at 78. This is a hard one for us especially since we live in south Texas, where it's almost always hot. But it has saved us about an additional $30 each month on our electricity!…

Mommy Q & A - Ear Percing

Ahhh, this has been crossing my mind for the last few weeks. And it all started when my 6 year old brought it up. "I want my ears pierced!" Of course Daddy says "NO!" All the girls in my family got pierced when they were all babies. And on Daddy's side they are mostly guys, so none of them got their ears pierced. I just asked hubby about it again... he saw me typing out this blog.... and he said that he and Vetty talked about it the other day and they decided that they would talk about it when she turn 10! He actually said that she tried to convince him to "talk about it when I'm 9?" I thought that was so cute. haha

So here is Christina M
piercing my DDs ears...My DD is 4 months old, and I am getting her ears pierced this weekend. (It's a tradition in my family to pierce at 4-6 grandma, mom, aunts, cousins and 2 sisters all were done at this age... please don't tell me not to, or give me "reasons" why it's wrong... …

Wordless Wednesday - Being Green

Here is my baby.... I was looking through some pictures and I just thought I'd post this one up... it's one of my favorites. She's playing with her green toys, made of sustainable wood and wearing her green diaper, blue Thirsties AIO.

Welcome to the 10th week of the GREEN BLOG HOP!!

For "Green" Blogs Only - Even if you're just starting out!

The purpose of creating this blog hop was not to create yet another general hop, but to help network bloggers who have taken the initiative to go green for the purpose of education and continuing efforts of saving our planet - one home at a time. We will be monitoring the blogs and will delete those that are not deemed somewhat green.

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a> * Follow the blogs of the ladies in the top three spots :

Going Green …

GTT - October is Fair Trade Month

I got an email from the Fiar Trade organization letting me know that October is Fair Trade Month. There is going to be many offers and ways that you can help out this year. This year's theme is "Every Purchase Matters." Even if you can't make a huge donation, think about the holidays. You can buy a present that may mean a whole lot more than just a gift. Like the theme states, "Every Purchase Matters!"
Each day there will be a different partner on their website that will highlight their campaign and you can decide whom to purchase from and support. And again, you don't have to make a purchase, there will be other ways that you and your family can contribute and help other families around the world.Here are a few other ways that you can participate this month:
Host a Fair Trade Party Start a Fair Trade Town CampaignStarting the first week of September, join us in getting the word out about Fair Trade with our Fair Trade Month blog, banner and widget!Vis…

Menu Plan Monday - I'm Back

Ahh.... I am so excited to get back on track with Menu Planning. I've missed it so much. During the time we weren't planning we spent way too much money on going out to eat because we didn't have a plan for lunch/dinner. But now, I've settled into work and Vetty in school and Eli eating better, we can start up again. Hubby is the only one that is not ready, Why? Because he's ganna be the one cooking more than I, lol. But I will be making lunch for Vetty a few times a week. I love that she loves to eat healthy and would rather eat mommy's lunch than the school lunch. I guess we did something right, no?

Monday: Orange Chicken w/white rice

Tuesday: Roast Chicken Salad with homemade potato chips

Wednesday: Crispy Tacos Day!

Thursday: Sausage w/Red Beans n Rice

Friday: Leftover Day

Hoping to bring back Thursday with a recipe from the week. I'd like to share the Roasted chicken salad recipe, but we'll see how the week goes.


For more menu ideas, recipes and mayb…

Sundays in my City - The Beach!

We headed over to the island on Friday for the last Lighthouse Cinema of the summer... it was awesome. they show the movie straight off the lighthouse and people are lounging around in their lawn chairs and kids cuddled up on blankets, it's such an awesome way to spend the weekend after the first week of school!

Before that we went driving to the end of the road on the beach, there's only one road and it goes for about 15 miles and all you see is SAND! We stopped along the side and climbed the huge sand dunes, it was so fun... then Vetty picked shells of course. So many and so beautiful.

At around 8:30 we drove back over the bridge and waited for the movie to start by the lighthouse. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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