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Vacation time - help me out!

Yup! Finally, taking a vacation with our girls. We area headed to Sea World! I am so excited, we haven't told our little girl yet, she's turning 6. But I think she kinda already knows.

So I just wanted to ask ya'll to tell me what ya'll take with you on your trips... your can't do without items.

Help me out. I think I got all the essentials, but you know we always forget something.

Wordless Wednesday - 'Ol times

Down town McAllen, TX

$20 Gift Card from Sam's club -Ends 8/1

Sam's Club is offering $20 Gift Cards to new Members who join by August 1. Maybe you’re ready to join? Maybe your neighbor? Maybe your sister? Let them know about this great offer!We actually drove over there to join. We have been a member for a few years on and off and then we saw on Sam's Clubs Facebook page. We paid $40 to get a membership and then received the $20 gift card on the spot! We grabbed a 180 load container of laundry detergent and a 20 pack of body soap. We spent only $1.48! How awesome is that! Plus we ate dinner for less than $15! They have delicious hot dogs and pizza. YUMM!

This offer is valid only until August 1st, so head on down to your local Sam's club and see what you can score.

Do you Know Elsie? *Giveaway* Extended* OPEN!!

I know my girls LOVE milk! I myself have almost always had a cup of milk with breakfast or snack time. When we go out to eat 50% of the time my 5 year old asks for milk but they don't always have milk. I always ask myself "WHY?" Hubby to likes to drink milk with cookies and to cure or prevent heart-burn. So he'll have a big glass when I make jambalaya or Chinese stir-fry meals.

Does your family drink milk? Does your family know Elsie the Cow? I have a gift pack to giveaway to a lucky family. They will win two Borden cups, a growing chart, a t-shirt (adult size) and grocery list.

Quiz yourself and your family to see how much you know! Grab your family and use any method you want to answer these question:

How many servings of dairy should kids consume a day?

What are the three nutrients that health experts say most American
adults don't get enough of and are found in milk?

What are six simple ways you can incorporate healthy habits into
your life?

Why is calcium i…