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Green Tip Tuesday - Plan Sam!

Ahh, Tuesday! Don't you just love it.... It's not the beginning of the week, the middle nor the end, it's just TUESDAY! Today started out kinda rough, I slept in! It through my whole day off track, but I got everything I needed to do done. I feel accomplished. I had my first real interview. It was with a law firm. I had the interview with the actual lawyer, how cool is that.

While I was driving about I thought that I would share with ya'll my day. Why? Well, because I think I had a pretty darn green day. First off, I keep a planer, I write everything down in it, from personal to business. Today I had the interview down along with "drop off applications." Although I didn't have my day completely planned out by hour I know what has to get done. Now here's the green part. After I went to the interview, which is on the North side of town, I got back into my car went through all the applications that needed to be dropped of and looked at the address and sta…

The Noticer - Book Review

The Noticer: Sometimes, All a Person Needs is a Little Perspectiveby Andy Andrews
I do not read too much but I do love to read. This fall I received this book, thanks to Thomas Neilson. I finished readinig this book in about two weeks and after the Christmas morning past I opened the laptop and started reading it again. I finished it in a few days. I had a bit more free time as the girls were playing with their new toys. I must say that I recommened this book about twenty times to lots of different people this holiday season. This book is a great read especially in these hard economic times. It can help lift the spirits of many.

As I started reading this book it captivated me. The story of a young man who thought he had lost everything finds hope from a little old man. I'm sure many book lovers could finish this book in 48 hours if they wanted.

And it's not just a novel about an old man. You can look at is as having multiple short stories. It tells the tales of how one man can in…