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The holidays aren't over!

As most of you know I was away for the holidays and we just got back today. Oh boy, I had tons of mail and presents that were sent from the family here in town. We had a whole other "Christmas Day" today! My grandmother even sent over leftover turkey and all the sides, including dessert. We have such a great family, thanks so much guys. We were only able to buy one gift for our girls and they were so thankful for the other gifts they received from friends and family. I even got some from some HEORES from Here are some photos for ya'll to enjoy.
Here are the girls with my uncle's tree n all the presents (before we left to see Santa)
Here is Yvette at the entrance of "The Polar Express Christmas" display
and the line to take pics with Santa (it was LOOONNG!)
Here are the girls by one of the huge trees in the mall
Here is one of the beautiful houses on our Christmas light drive on Christmas Eve
Here I am Christmas Eve after we got home after a…

Merry Christmas!!

A Time to Give - Community Involvement

I love to cook, no doubt about it. My grandparents have been ill and both have diabetes. They still don't really watch what they eat and feel ill afterwards. There are many diabetics in our area, south Texas and lots of them do not know what that means. This week I attended a medicare seminar and was asked by one of my grandmother's nurses to offer a cooking demonstration of a diabetic friendly meal. I thought I would do a something that really wouldn't be so difficult. I choose Spiced Mixed Fruit! Here in South Texas we eat a lot of dried fruit seasoned with salt or sugar, so I thought this would be something they would enjoy.

I loved talking to all the people at the seminar. They all learned some great information on the new Medicaid plans and also how to take care of themselves and eat healthy. They asked lots of questions on the recipe and how to make other recipes diabetic friendly. They were very friendly and I had a great time helping them out. Here is the recipe:

Blog Hop - Holiday Pictures

The holidays are just around the corner. I was looking at my calendar, scheduling everything for the week, when I turned the page and saw that Christmas is next week! Holy Cow! My daughter doesn't get out of school till Friday. I remember we use to get out of school around the 10th. They might as well just give one or two days vacation. I mean, I sort of am "for" year-round school. But just make the transition, don't linger over it.

So, then I saw the MckLinky was having this blog hop and I thought, what a wonderful way to go through some pictures and pick out a few of my favorites. I have to tell you that I love taking pictures, it's a hobby of mine. A few years ago hubby took a photography class and I learned a lot, lol. I would have gotten an "A," I think he got a "C." I've gone through three cameras, and not those cheap ones either, lol. Right now mine is cracked down one side and has a few screws missing. I sure hope a camera will be w…