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Hearty, Homey Recipie - Semi-Homemade Spaghetti

We use to eat all kinds of pasta when we first moved in together back in 2003. We would buy whatever pasta was on sale. Bath then I also didn't use coupons like I do today. I would buy the cheap $0.25 pasta tiny little bags and buy like 4 of them and we'd eat all the bags in one night. We also ate lots of those packaged noodles (ramen). Now I can't stomach them. One day I was watching a tv show and they were talking about whole wheat foods vs regular foods with enriched wheat flour. Ever since then we have switched over to eating only Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pastas. They are so good. So now everytime we have pasta we are eating the healthiest pasta out there!

Now I'm going to share with you the recipe that I make 90% of the time we have spaghetti.

What you'll need:
1lbs lean ground beef
1/4 cup sliced or diced onions
1/4 cup sliced mushrooms
1 tbls EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, organic)
1 can of Del Monte Spaghetti sauce, 26.5 oz
1/2 box of Ronzoni Whole Wheat (or 7 Grain)

Sprout Organic Baby Food Review & Giveaway

Sprout Organic Baby Food has come into our grocery stores and does not stay there very long! I decided to review this product because I want to share this with other babies out there who are longing for organic tasty food! Don't get me wrong, there are other baby food out there that is tasty, but none out there quite like Sprout!

Sprout Baby food was created by Max MacKenzie and Tyler Florence. This product was the creation of years of looking into every aspect of ingredients and packaging. They were influenced by the fact that they could help parents make easy and smart decisions as well as fatherhood. The result... Sprout!

I first learned about Sprout baby food at my local Health & Baby Expo, hosted by H-E-B. I talked with the reps and told me alot about the ingredients and that all the food is grown in Tylers' farms in California. They even has samples for the babies and made smoothies for adults! I had a Roasted Bananas & Mango Smoothie. It was delicious! I am going …

Healthy Child Healthy World - Sharing Knowledge

Hello all! I just wanted to share this weeks newsletter from HCHW! Here are some excerpts:

Get Our Paperback for Less Than $5.00!Emily Lynne Ion Tuesday, December 01, 2009 ShareThis
The holidays are officially upon us! If you're like us here at Healthy Child, you're likely trying to navigate your way through this season of consumerism without over-taxing your pocket or the earth, all the while supporting safe, healthy, and sustainable products. Not always an easy task, right? (Check out our Shopping Guide to Green Toys if you're still stumped.)So here's a perfect gift suggestion to share with someone you'd love to learn about Healthy Child's message and work:For a limited time this holiday season, Amazon is offering our paperback at a deep discount - under $5.00!What a bargain!At that price, pick up a few and spread the word about Healthy Child to all those you care about. Wishing you happy and healthy holidays!
Read more:…

Fluff Talk Thursday - Wool

This week at HappilyDomestic it's all about wool!

I have not tried or thought about using wool. I've read so many horror stories about wool and the price is high for us as well. I'm a very cheap frugal mama, :p I'd like to try out wool some day. I have to admit that the knitted/crochetted wool covers are adorable and I'd probably buy them all if I had the funds.

If you are thinking about using wool as a cover here is some info I have put together....
In short, wool is antibacterial, self-cleansing, breathable, odor-resistant, and fire-retardant. If that settles it for you, skip down to the next heading. If you’re into all that "sciency" stuff, read on:Antibacterial: In contrast to synthetics, which are commonly used as wetness barriers when cloth diapering, wool is antibacterial. The difference lies in the way the fibers wick. Synthetics hold or block moisture in its liquid state, thus creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Wool, on the othe…

A Time To Give - Seasons Greetings

Excerpt from "Saving and Giving"
Welcome back to A Time to Give, my weekly feature where we share ways to give, ways to share, ways to be generous. If this is your first time stopping by, welcome! You can read the original A Time to Give post HERE. In a nutshell, I started this feature as a way for us to inspire each other to be even more generous. I tend to get wrapped up in finding great deals, and I don't want to lose sight of one of the reasons we live frugally... to be able to give more. Each week I'll share a giving idea of mine, and you share a giving idea of yours.

Hello readers. I love Christmas time... don't you? After thanksgiving I didn't go shopping... I CLEANED! Yup. I organized all the items that are to be given away and sold. I also got rid of lots of clothes to offer to my local church organization, St. Vincent de Paul Society. They have a monthly "garage sale" where everything is FREE and is open to anyone in need. During the summer …

Diaper Tip Tuesday - Turkey Day

Week 1: Share your Thanksgiving travel stories and upcoming holiday travel plans. Cloth, hybrids (i.e. Grobaby or gdiapers) or 'sposies?
Welcome to The Mommy Blog. This is the first week of December and that means a whole new month of Diaper Tips! This one will be fun. Turkey day for my family this year was hassel free! We didn't travel to see hubby's family, who only lives 2 hours away, we stayed local. All my family, except for an uncle live within 30 minutes of us. So we usually don't do too much traveling. We woke up pretty late, 11AM and changed the little one out of her nite-time diaper. Every morning, if she's wearing a CD (hubby occasionally still puts her a 'sposie) I change her and then rinse and dry her bum in the bathroom sink. She's a heavy wetter and sometimes I think that just a wipe doesn't get her clean enough in the mornings. Anywho, I put the baby back down in her crib so she can fully wake up. She's been trying to stand up in her …

Wordless Wednesday - First Post

Here is my baby girl.... 8 mo & 4 weeks, as she was waking up this morning.

I love seeing other Wordless Wednesday posts...
now I will post whenever I have an adorable photo.

New HotSlings!!

I have been addicted to researching all the slings out there! I've seen video after video on YouTube on the different ways moms out there wear their baby carriers. I really want the original baby sling, but it's so hard to find a good cheap one; on a budget. I've bought a few from DiaperSwappers and a few that are on sale. Well, there is a new one on the market.... The Hotsling AP. Check out the new sling... Click here to learn more about it.

I saw the video and it would be awesome if other family members can easily adjust it when we "play" pass the baby, haha. I have a ringsling and usually don't take my sling to family gatherings because it's difficult and not easy to adjust for newbies.

Ohhh! And head over to TCDR to enter to win one for yourself! She also got a chance to review it. Good luck!

Weekly Deals ~ 12/2

Good morning... today I had to go by H-E-B to grab some baby formula and I thought I'd take the time to go through a few isles and see if there were any bargain deals. Did I find some? Yup! I sure did. Be sure to view my other blog to see what deals you can find at H-E-B this week! (sorry I lost my little black book with my prices)

For the local folk Children's Orchard is having their fill-a-bag day this Saturday! They give you a bag, about 12" tall, to fill for only $5! They also have other bags available, like an $8 and $10 bag (not sure if they will offer those again). The bag cannot be over flowing. I am going to be shopping for pjs and maybe some cute summer clothes, they tend to be thinner. You can also sign up for the M.O.M. Club and you can enjoy a free $5 credit (not sure if you can use it Saturday) and you also get emails on sales and get invites to special sale previews open to M.O.M. Club members only! It's pretty awesome!

I also got a look at the Lowe's…

Wednesday Wisdom

Hello and welcome to my weekly post of Wednesday Wisdom...

Today in society it seems like there is a disconnection between each of us. For me blogging and reading others blogs keeps me in close relation with others like me. But when I go out into the world that I know I do not feel apart of that world. And even more so when I turn on the news or watch a television show. I see all this hate and people doing things that are soooo wrong. Even or leaders. I found this quote...
"Leaders are leaders only as long as they have the respect and loyalty of their followers." - Hans Selye -This is true, but what about when the people themselves try to outsmart the system? We are each losing respect for one another. How do we or help others gain the respects of others? I try to always let the car in front of me, who seems in a hurry, go first, or open the door for the elderly lady and pick up things from the grocery store that I see are in the way of others. I have respect, there fore comm…

Green Tip Tuesday

Today is December 1st! How crazy is that. Boy this year has gone by so fast. Today we also took down our Christmas tree from the attic. Tomorrow we're going to clean up and move furniture around to put it up. We realized that we need to buy new lights. Boy they aren't so cheap this year. So we decided that we wouldn't even buy any this year and save a bit of cash.

So, today I am going to offer you one tip or actually a challenge.


We've done this a few years, and not because we wanted to, but we did not have the funds to do so. We used the reusable tree that my mom gave us and we did not put any lights we just used the ornaments that we made. We made paper ornaments from recycled newspaper and hubby made some paper mache ones as well. And remember those paper ring things we use to make in elementary? We made those too. And if you want to add some color use natural paints. It's so fun making them. Same thing with the glue.…

World Aids Day

Aids is a preventable and treatable disease.

By making a donation you'll be helping us to shape attitudes, challenge injustice and change lives right across the UK.Giving regularly is the most valuable way you can support NAT and help ensure that our work continues. By becoming a regular donor you will be helping to enable us to plan ahead and achieve our goals. For more information about giving regularly and to download a form, please click here.You can also make a one-off donation securely online and also find out ways to donate at no cost to you right here. If you want to find out more about NAT before you make a donation, there's lots of information about us hereRaise awarenessWe've developed all sorts of materials (posters & leaflets, badges & balloons...) which feature the theme of HIV: Reality and the international HIV symbol - the red ribbon. You can help shape attitudes and improve public understanding of HIV by ordering our posters and leaflets (or our t-…

Knitted Baby/Kids Hats - Review

I have always wanted to knit my own baby hats but never have the time. I start a craft and I always like to finish it. I've done so many in the past. This year I started crochetting my own reusable bags (out of plastic bags), ornaments, tee-dress and more!

Then, thanks to my obsession with buying diapers I found when I was pregnant and started looking and buying diapers. Then, I saw that there were moms also selling many other things and testing their products.

I ran into Whitney who was looking for testers for her knitted hats! Awesome, now I don't have to make my own! Plus, it was already October and it was too late to start another project and have it done in time for winter. Whitney sold me two hats, one for my then 7 month old and another for my 5 year old daughter. I paid under $10 for the hats.

A few weeks later I got the hats in the mail and they were so adorable. At first I thought that the baby one would be too small, but they are surprisingly stretch…

Menu Plan Monday - Under 30 minutes

Monday: Spaghetti with fresh mushroom, onions n tomatoes w/garlic bread

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes

Wednesday: Chicken stir fry

Thursday: Roasted herbed chicken breasts with veggie melody

Friday: Mexican Fiesta Grilled chicken w/spanish rice

This week I'm cooking what's in my fridge n pantry....

I will post recipes later this week... busy busy cleaning up! Go here to view more recipe; OrgJunkie

Sunday's in my City

I showed you mine, now you show me yours.

Share your city/town/suburb/you name it! If you link up, please link back or post the Sundays In My Citybutton either in your post or sidebar to let people know that other bloggers are sharing their communities too. Happy trails!