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No Stinkies Here

Hello mommies!

I love to smell my babies bum! Is that weird. No, it's a miracle. I have joined many cloth diapering groups and forums and have seen many moms that say they can't get their diapers clean or smelling good. Then there are lots of other moms that say their diapers smell like Nothing and are happy with that.... WELL NOT ME!

I don't want my diapees to smell like nothing, I'd like to enjoy their smell as I pull them out of the washer or go outside to hang them on the line. And to be apart of Fluff Talk Thursday over at Happily Domestic I'd like to run through my diaper wash routine with you so you can try this out and see that you don't have to have regular smelling diapers.

First. We use prefolds and diaper covers, mostlyThirsties Covers & Duo Wraps. That is the cheapest for us since we are not only using Cloth Diapers because they are eco-friendly but also freindly on our budget. Also, as soon as the little one makes a poo I rinse in the tub with co…

Chicken Barley Chili ~ Recipe & Review

Chicken Barley Chili ~ Recipe & Review

My 5 year old loves soups! Since Sunday of last week she has been asking me that she wants warm belly soup! Finally I made some today. At first I was just going to make a simple chicken soup but I didn't have time to go to the farmer's market to get the veggies. So I opened the cabinet last night and I saw the Quaker Barley box. I looked at the back of it, I save and use lots of can and box recipes, and there was a recipe for Chicken Barley Chili. Hmmm..... I had all the ingredients, which isn't a whole lot, and I had defrosted and cooked some chicken the night before as well as saved the chicken broth. So Yum! I thought for sure my Vetty (her name is Yvette) will love this recipe. BTW she loves the Wendy's Chili.

So at 5pm I got out all the ingredients (canned tomato, corn, black beans, tomato sauce, spices, broth, and chicken). And it was ready in less than 30 minutes!

Here's the Recipe:

Chicken Barley Chili
1 (14.5oz) can To…

A Time To Give - Thanksgiving Cards

Here is another entry for A Time to Give from Jen over at Saving and Giving.

Every few years I send out Thank You cards for ThanksGiving! This isn't to just anyone. Last year I sent one to my daughters teacher because she had done so much for her. She was her favorite student. Every morning, now that she's 5 years old, she still goes by to say "Good Morning" to her. So that is what I have been getting read for this week. So far I only have 2 letters to send. I send a card and a personalized letter. Just last week when we went to visit family our car broke down and a friend of my husband drove an hour and a half to go tow us! A month before that he came to pick us up after having car problems! So he is one of my card receivers. So think about who has helped you our or inspired you to help others and send them a Thank You card this Thanksgiving season!

Pictures of "Show Us Your Orange"

That is what it was called "Show Us Your Orange." Wataburger gave a FREE Wataburger to everyone who wore orange, everyone in your party! We just got back from our local Wataburger and you have about 7 minutes to get to your local Wataburger. It was packed, had to wait a few minutes to get a seat, but the food was fast.... and Delicious! here are the pics... The picture above... didn't want to turn!! Darnit.

First we had to wait in line............ I counted 16 people in front of us!
Then the kids started getting fussy....... we were next in line!
Yummy Goodness......... with a bit too much mustard for me
Then daddy started getting bored........... waiting for grandma to finishe
Ahhh.......... full belly!


For those of us who are lucky enough to know what a Wataburger is.... wear orange and get a FREE Wataburger.....

Doesn't say if all of them will be doing it or how many you can get... but we're on our way to find out. The website says from 5-8 PM!

Green Tip Tuesday


Yet another idea of mine.... since this blog is also suppose to have lots of green tips and ideas.... I will post some as well as link my daily articles that I write for Hidalgo Metro, a local e-zine.

Today's tip comes from my hubby! I love this man to death. He was born in Corpus Christi and grew up with his daddy and other close family members, no female figures, but he is so crafty and feminine. He can't leave the house without his gel, clean socks and looking in the mirror!

So, I started crocheting recently and I had all my supplies in a small messengar bag that I received for "FREE" by donating a $1 to Hot Topic at my recent visit... I bought my halloween costume there! I also had all my recycled bags and plarn (plastic yarn) stuffed in another plastic bag. While I was working on a project... my first one, hubby gets up out of his chair while watching T.V. and goes to our bedroom. Me thinking what is he doing? but not saying anything. He walks bac…

Menu Plan Monday ~Need Ideas~

Past few weeks we haven't been eating at home and it's killing me. So I am determined to keep to a menu this week. I am not to thrilled in planning the menu though...


I have pretty much everything in stock... beef, chicken, pasta, sauces. I always buy fruits and veggies weekly at the farmers market.... so shoot.

Monday: Hotdogs (lazy day)