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H-E-B Diapers Review

H-E-B has introduced a new diaper to the scene. At last months Healthy Baby & Child Expo I received four samples of their new diaper. I was going to give them to my neighbor, but I figured I might as well use them and save some money & energy on washing and drying. Hubby & I used them for night time. At first they felt a bit stif, but I figured it was jsut the packaging because the inside felt super soft. The inside was thick as well, so I knew it would hold up at night, we have a light wetter sometimes. So, I took the baby a bath and got all her sock link out! Eewww! I took out the diaper and it had Clifford as the print. I smelled it and it had that clean smell. The tabs were a bit sticky to keep them in and I pulled it out to expose the full tab. The inside leg gussets were also a bit stuck. I wanted to make sure everything was fully functional before I put it on so we didn't have any night time leaks. I also put on some diaper rash creme, just in case. And off to …

Savings Challenge

Oh boy, listen to this!

My hubby has challenged me, well, sort of. I have been using coupons, looking for deals, going out to eat on kids eat free days, so forth and so on. Well, the other day, out of the blue, he said that for three months everything I "save" will go into our savings account. I haven't asked what that money will go to, but I think it will be well spent towards a new car! Just these past two days I've already saved over $10!
So, how much do ya'll think I can save? I'm hoping for close to $2,000!
But right now I'm laying on the couch... I've come down with something. I've got a pounding headache and a fever!
And another random peice of information... Thirsties is coming out with two new products! Yeah, I love thirsties.
And another, I will be offering a money saving coupon on a new product that I will be reviewing and giving some samples out to a few readers! Yeah, my first giveaway! I do food reviews on Thursdays and other products on …

BC Pizza Crust & Sauce Review

Here I am with my tummy rumbling saying "It's lunch time!" Around this time last week my daughter came to me and said that she wanted to help me make pizza! We had been watching The Food Network and they made homemade pizza dough and topped it with some wierd toppings. Then we also went to eat at a new restaurant and they had shrimp pizza! My daughter freaked out! Anywho so when we went shopping that weekend I thought I'd try this "Just Add Water" dough. I usually make my own or buy the ready made pizza dough. Plus, I figured that it would be easy for my daughter to help me... Then we had to pick our ingredients. We already had meat and cheese at home, so then it was the sauce. Well, right next to the pizza dough mix my daughter saw Pizza Quick Ragu pizza sauce. So I grabbed it. It wasn't a bad prize. The total was under $3.00! That's awesome for a pizza.

When we got home we started right away! I browned the meat while my daughter shredded the cheese…

A Time to Give: Coupon HERO!

Welcome to another week to learn how to give to those less fortunate or not! This week I want to talk about my shopping trip I had a couple weeks ago....

I usually go shopping on the weekends or towards the beginning of a new week to make sure sale items are still in stock. Well, I headed on over to H-E-B to get some detergent, eggs, bread and ham. I had coupons for all of them and i decided to take my coupon folder incase I saw any deals. When I do this I always tell myself only if it's under $1 will I take it, that way I don't get coupon happy! Anyways, so I got the bread and ham first (buy ham, get free bread) and I had a few stares because I was checking the prices of cheese to see if my coupons made the final price equal less than $1. Then I headed on over to the eggs to get egglands best, also had a coupon. Then to the detergent to get Surf for $.99! I used the $3.00 off coupon that was in the paper that week in Parage Mag. I was one of the lucky ones. I saw a lady standi…

Wednesday Wisdom

Hello all. Another week gone by. Geez, time flies when you don't pay attention. This week on Wednesday Wisdom I wanted to talk about the swine flu. I have taken my 6 month old to the doctor twice this week. And there was many families there with their children. We do not take our babies to the doctor unless we know we have to, like their vaccines, or when they are really sick ( we wait 3 days ). Well, there was more than half the kids that didn't need to be there, or they didn't seem like they were sick. More than half the parents looked like they were off in lala land.
I get so angry when I saw a child sitting next to their parent and they cough or sneeze without covering their mouth and the parents don't even budge.
I know there's all this hype about swine flu, but it really is all about your own will and common scence. Before all this happened did you not cover your mouth or wash your hands after going to the bathroom or what not? In my family we always do. If one…

~~Mommy News Blogiversary~~

I'm a bit late... but visit Mommy News Blog to enter her giveaways to celebrate her 1 year blogiversary. She will have a new giveaway everyday! CLICK HERE to enter!

Long weekend...

Hello mama's,
The family went on a mini-vaca this weekend. We went up to Corpus to visit family. So, that's where we were if anyone was wondering. It was a great vacation. No T.V. no laptop and no mother! I love her, but you all know how irritating they can get. It was a great ride... we got caught in a short thunderstorm and as we drove out of it caught a glimps of a full size rainbow... beautiful.
We did have an obstacle before we even got there! The car stalled! But guess where it stalled, not even 15 minutes away. Hubby called a friend and he just came to pick us up. Hubby's uncle went to tow it and got it fixed right away. It was the timing belt. Did you know that most cars need to get them changed out ever 40k miles?! I guess cause it's an older car, 2002 Dodge Neon, it's has to get more maintenance. God bless Uncle Nuco!
Hubby's father past away at the beginning of this year and his brother lived with him at his house. So visiting his uncle in his dads hous…

Menu Plan Monday =Featured Blogger=

I was gone all weekend with the family visiting family up in Corpus Christi, Texas. We had a great time; ate great food, went shopping, saw a movie, went to the beach! It was awesome. Stress-free too! We got home late Sunday night. I will not be planning a menu this week because I really don't know what we have. My mom was home and I saw she made soup and some pizza, so I got to go through and re-do my "have" list. So I will be featuring a fellow Menu Planner mom this week: Sarah @ Living Fabulous on A Budget.
She has an awesome blog about "Living Fabulous on a Budget! This week she says she won't be going grocery shopping! That's awesome. I too might not have to go shopping this week as well. So Stop on by her website and she's always asking for new recipes so see if you can help her out by growing her recipe stash! She also has another blog full of recipes: Family Meals on a Buget.If you'd like other ideas for menus or recipes stop by …

Monday Must-Sees

It's that time of the week when I like to give ya'll links to awesome giveaways, contests, freebies and more. Oh, I'm also looking for a new name for this day as well as a new pic or button for "Monday Must-Sees." So here are the links and a snip-it from the current giveaways. If you have a giveaway that you'd like me to share with my readers just let me know!

The Cloth Diaper Report, Kam Snas! Ends 10/14

Whether you want to make diapers in bulk, a few for fun or make baby accessories like pacifier clips, poly resin snaps are a must have. I have used snap pliers before, about a year ago, and found that although they did the job the snap press was easier to use and created a more stable snap. I really wanted to give the KAM snap pliers a shot, however, and found that they did a better job than the pliers I had tried before. These also come with an awl which I hadn't tried before and it makes it SO much easier. There is a little learning curve with snap plier…

{First} Sundays in my City

Corpus Christi, TX

I showed you mine, now you show me yours.

Share your city/town/suburb/you name it! If you link up, please link back or post the Sundays In My City button either in your post or sidebar to let people know that other bloggers are sharing their communities too. Happy trails!