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From *Fall Produce*In Season*

I have gone to many websites to find foods that are in season, hence, pay less! I was going through my bookmarks and saw "Kraft Foods" on there. I clicked it and was groing through some articles and recipes... then I saw "Budget Wise." I clicked it and it has a tab for "What's In Season"! It has some great resources and tons of information, including recipes, for what's in season! Check it out.

Fall Produce

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!!! Win Bloggertunity an eBook for mama bloggers !!!

ebook, Bloggertunity {Giveaway}I recently added to my blogroll Momma In Flip Flops2 and then I saw she was hosting a giveaway for the ebook, Bloggertunity, for Stephanie, the blogger for Metropolitan Mom! I had heard about this before from a forum and heard rave reviews about it so I thought I would check it out. There's even a giveaway going on to win the ebook. The author of Bloggertunity, Stephanie went from blogging about her babies to earning money and she wrote down all her secrets.

From Momma In Flip Flops2:
If you haven't visited Stephanie's site before you should. She's a wonderful, genuine person who I have a lot in common with. She hosts lots of really great contests, has some great reads (just yesterday I loved what she had to say about Facebook, a must read) and a great blog!
Win! One Momma In Flip Flops2 reader will win the ebook, Bloggertunity. To Enter.
*Visit Metropolitan Mama/ebook and tell me what interests you the most about it and why. CLICK HERE to f…

A Time to EAT!

This week on A Time to Give I didn't know what I would write about. I was watching the news and there was a picture of a pumpkin pie. Personally, I don't like pumpkin pie... gross, too mushy (that's why I don't like applesauce either). Then there were highlights of the high school football game. Then I had a flashback of when I was in highschool and every year around Thanksgiving I would do lots of volunteering. This week I will post one of those volunteering experiences, since it's getting close to that time of the year again.

So, all four years of high schol I was in Student Council and I loved it. Especially when we would have conferences and we all put our head together. I had lots of school spirit. Really, I just wanted to better our school. I loved to learn and didn't see why some guys and girls would get all boy/girl crazy. I had one boyfriend and stuck to him and that was that! lol Anywho.... getting off track.

So, when Turkey time got close we would put …

Lowe's in Weslaco ~GRAND OPENING~

Lowe's in Weslaco has it's grand opening today, Thursday, September 24th @ 10am.

They are starting the celebration with a "Board-cutting" verses a ribbon-cutting. I thought that was clever. Last week, I got a coupon in the mail for 10% off, but it expired yesterday! Well, the store has been open for a week already, but I didn't know. Plus, we really don't need anything from the store anyways. Yesterday I picked up the newspaper before I dropped of the little one at school because it was spreakling and one of my pet peeves is a wet newspaper! Inside the newspaper was a Lowe's insert. It coupons and some great deals in there that I thought I would share with you.

They are picking 5 WINNERS EVERY DAY for 4 days! You can win a gift card from $100 to $500. I could use that. To enter you have to complete the "official Entry Form" and put it in the ballot box inside the store. Oh and the $500 gift card is the Grand prize which will be draw on Sunday, Sep…

!!Triple Pamper Points!!

We have bought Pampers brand pamper points since my first baby was born in 2004! We love them and tried other brands, but no go! I went to their site to enter in our gifts to grow and I saw that they are offering triple points when you enter your codes all the way till November!

Get triple the gifts to grow points for your Pampers wipes purchases until 11/05/2009
Click here to enter your points
I have to say thought that I do cloth diaper my baby during the day, but when hubby feeds her at night he uses pampers diapers & sensitive wipes. I'm just glad he does change her! lol

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Wipes~

Why in the world do they make packages so hard to open? Especially baby and kid items. I mean, we have a hard life already, don't we?

When we can or have to, we buy bulk from our local Sam's Club....

****thought bubble; But wait a minute, don't we pay over $30 to have that darn membership? and we've only gone like three times this year to buy toilet paper, soap, shampoo, wipes and a box of diapers? We probably paid like $200 for all that, plus the $35 membership fee that we pay every year... we might as well have just bought it at Wal-Mart, right? And at Wal-mart we could have used coupons, so we probably would have save $35!****Okay, so yesterday we bought a box of wipes and this morning I had to open it. I see that they double taped the box and then when we opened the box the wipes didn't have that little sticker flap on it. I had to find a way to open the darn box, hubby was asleep, and then I had to find a way to open the wipes package. Probably took me over 20 m…

Wendy's turns 40!

Wendy's is having an 40th Anniversary and they are giving us a present!
They are offering 4 of our favorite items for only $.99 (I say they should have lowered it to $.40 or something)!
Go in today and you can get a Double Stack, Frosty, Chili and Baked potato for only $.99!

Menu Plan Monday ~ Mexican Inspired

Here's this weeks Menu Plan ((DRAFT))

The only thing I had to buy this week was Chicken! I just wish hubby would not want to go out to eat so much, we would be saving soooo much money. So this weeks menu came by easy for me because I had left over sauce from the pizza... which I will be giving a review of the crust later this week as well as the Organic spaghetti I bought! yum! And I also have the new Kashi bakes that I want to try, the rest just fits into place because hubby has been feeling like eating more Mexican dishes and those are easy for me, well, because I'm Mexican-American.

Oh, and last week the only thing I didn't make was the Tuna Mels because we went out to eat instead. Hubby took me on a DATE! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings. He went to take me out, but also because he wanted to try their new burger the Big Jack or something like that. I had the Parmesean Garlic Chicken Flatbread, wow... I don't think he wanted to kiss me after that! Lol. His burger had pul…

Monday Must-Sees

I'm a day late.... laundry took over last night. I'm trying to include ones that end in a week or longer. My favorite this week is the squeak me shoes! So adorable, I saw these at the mall the other day, so adorable! Of course my little one is 6 months, not walking yet. But I can still buy for next year, right? DH wouldn't let me anyways, so I hope I win them! He can't argue that. So here is this weeks list of Must-Sees Giveaways!

From DirtyDiaperLaundry she has reviewed the Kiwi Pie OS diaper. There is a video so you can see a demo and her review of how it works. To mee it looks like it might leak, but give it a try. They have cute designs available. They seem kinda modern to me and one that you wouldn't want to cover up. They do not have a seal on them, so if you are going out, they'd need a cover. Here's the link: Kiwi Pie Giveaway. This giveaway ends on October 5th.

Next is Three Green Peas Review of Smart Mom Jewelry. You know, when you think about it, …