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Green Tip Tuesday - Going Solar

A friend asked me what my goals were going to be this year. He was telling me that instead of calling it a resolution that a "Goal" would be a better word. So I immedatley answered with "I want to be more green." I mean right now, I think I'm greener than most people in my area. We recycle and upcycle lots of things, we switched to better lighting and turn off and unplug things with not being used.

One thing I really want to try to save up for is solar energy. A few months ago I bought a "Green @ Home" magazine and it was very informative. They had an article on the top 10 products to build on. They had on there something called The SunCache. It is way cheaper than getting solar panels.

Who: it was developed by harpiris Energy and is backed up by the U.S. Department of Energy.
What is it: It is a solar water-heading system for homes in warmer climates.
Where: It mounts ontop of your roof and stores water that is heated by the sun
How: When the hot-water tap is turne don, the water flows through the panel and is heated up by the preheated water in the panel.

There is tons of information on the website Harpiris. You can request information and read all about how it works. They even have videos on there which are pretty cool. The video shows and tells you how and what you'll need for instilation. Basically, you just need to drill holes, place the galvenized steal, place the water container, fill with water, cover with the panel, connect to your water heater and your done! It is recommened to top off the container once every five years! So it's not like you are constantly wasting water, which is good. It can be installed with two people who are somewhat familiar with light plumbing and saudering.

So if you want to make a small but affordable change towards being a bit more green this new year check out The SunCache.

Thank you for reading Green Tip Tuesday. If you have a green product that you'd like me to try out and recommend to my readers please feel free to contact me by clicking Contact at the top-right of my blog.


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