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10 Things That Make Me Happy

A clean Kitchen When my children laughBeing preparedExercisingQuite drives in the country sideChocolateSpringFresh Vegetable at the Farmers MarketSaving MoneyMy Family! We have had lots of scary things happen in Austin recently and we were at the library today and just thought I would share some things that make me happy and as an idea for all of us to remember what makes us happy and not be to preoccupied with all the bad that surrounds us. 
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My Top 5 Podcasts That Keep Me Sane!

So... almost every weekend I enjoy a nice long shower! Thanks baby (my husband)! But I don't know why, I don't like for it to be quiet. If I'm in a good mood, I just listen to Spotify, but if it's been a hard week and I need some encouragement or inspiration these are my go-to podcasts! If I've had more than two doctor appointments for the baby; If I had to go to a meeting; If the kids rooms are a mess; When I remember I have to pay bills that week; If I hadn't got to take a shower during the week; Or on a long car ride, That's when I listen to my Podcasts, which is more than the later. 

Here are my top 5 Podcasts That Keep Me Sane!

The Fly Lady on Blog Talk Radio So when I have not kept up with my cleaning that week, I do FlyLady method, and it's been an amazing experience, (I hope to write about it soon over at Rio Grande Valley Mom's Blog) but some days are just not good. And I don't feel like shining the sink (and that's okay), but i…

DIY Valentine's Day Friendship Box *UPCYCLED*

We just got the letter.... "Please bring Valentines for the whole class!" Right away Annaleah, who's 5 years old, remembered when she painted a box last year and she right away asked to see the video she made!

Everyone has a cardboardyoutube video!
box laying around somewhere. I've been doing fly lady, so I didn't have many options, but we decided to use pickle jar this year!! Yes, a pickle jar; don't worry it doesn't smell, and it's plastic. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see the finished product. But first, click and watch Annaleah's first

When we got the letter last year at the beginning of February she was just as excited and I didn't know, but she had already picked out the box that she wanted to use and it became the perfect box as you saw. It was a GoGo Squeeze box!

So go, run and buy a box... Snack time and Friendship Box, DONE! Then gather your supplies and your son/daughter and have fun making your Friendship box! If you mak…

In a Rut | Meal Idea + Recipe

We all have those nights... The kids had a sports activity or practice after school. You had to go to the post office and then someone has to go potty after you just walked out the door. Kids!! Right?! lol So you finally get home and it's almost 8pm! Your husband has been home for an hour and has the gull to ask, did you bring home dinner. Which would have been a great idea, but the violin payment is due this week, so, "No! I didn't bring home dinner sweeite."

 "But there's leftovers" I say, but it's not met with as much enthusiasm as you would have hoped. Several times a year we buy Chicken BBQ plates from church or school and I throw in rice and tomatoes or make them into a BBQ chicken sandwich and we have a quick and easy meal, about 20 minutes top. The kids can even help you take the chicken off the bone.

So here's a video you can see of one of my easy leftover chicken recipe i did a few years ago.

If you want to share a recipe, cooking hack…

1,000 Giveaway/Birthday Giveaway!

Enter through the Gleam link below! Giveaway starts on Friday, January 19th and ends within 24 hours after reaching 1,000 subscribers on my youtube channel. I've been decluttering and thought it would be the perfect time to gather a few items and pass them to one of my subscribers. So if you haven't already, head on over to my Youtube Channel, Don't Say Hurry, and subscribe to help me reach 1,000 subscribers!

Don't Say Hurry 1,000 Subscriber/Birthday Giveaway!

Snow Day in Austin!

So we moved to Austin just a few months ago and I never thought we would see snow so soon. As least for a few more weeks! We were pleasantly surprised as we drove home from school on December 7th, a Thursday, and we saw sleep. But then just an hour later, I asked Yvette to take out a bag of trash and she came back seconds later, trying to show me something, but said "It melted!" So I thought it was still just small flurries, but as she opened the door, we saw SNOW! Real snow, falling and floating down from the sky! Eliada, the 8 year old, could not believe her eyes and asked "This is snow mommy?!" I reassured her that indeed it was SNOW!

Merry Christmas and please go share your photos on my facebook page, Don't Say Hurry! And follow me on Instagram to see more of our adventures on our first Snow Day! Anyone have any recommendation for some snowball making gloves/mittens? Not even sure what they are called or if there is such a thing. But we sure do need to inv…

Ungrateful during Thanksgiving?

Hubby made me cry on Thanksgiving.... The usual share what you're thankful for, he just went all out talking about how we had one of the toughest years and we were apart from each other for six months and how much he missed us and it just sucked. Ohhhh, the waterfalls!! But yeah, it was the longest year ever. Speaking of Thanksgiving.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Reminds me of something that's been on my mind....

We just moved out of the valley and guess what?! The worst part moving to a new place was not the moving. Before we moved I scoped out our neighborhood, grocery stores, parks and I joined several mom groups. I knew negative Nancy’s were bound to share their troubles in Facebook groups but I’ve never heard so many complaints in one day.

I don’t know what it is but I don’t like when people complain. I just think to myself, “Did you really have to share that?” or about an easy solution to that complaint. There would have been a better way to spend your time than writing a n…